Sunday, November 30, 2014

38s Chikungunya: se cayó hermanita steele

From November 24th


 so theres been an epidemic of dengue and chikunguya for like a little over a month (both diseases are pretty similar and spread by mosquitoes) so Ive been Offin' it up (using Off, you know the mosquito repellant) LIKE CRAZY to not get sick. Literally there was not one person I knew who hadn't been sick, besides me. Most of the missionaries too had already fallen (ill) but are almost recovered. 

But on Wednesday I was like hey why do my wrists and feet hurt? It must be my carpal tunnel and I got new shoes sooo.. 

And on Thursday, what my feet are a little worse what is this nonsense. 

and on Friday WOW alrighty then I need to get some different shoes it feels like knives in my feet but not important I am singing at multi zone conference today let's GO 

then after conference on friday ummmmm I can hardly walk.

 And then a few hours later BOOOOM covered in red spots. Feet swollen. Fever. Can't walk. Cant move. Go home lay in bed. Can't move or walk until yesterday afternoon. 

Everything hurts. 

im sooooooooo siiickkk booooooooooooooooooooooooooaweihtlaiweurha but its okay im getting better


 I'm still on bed rest for this week too.  IT SUCKS no being able to WORK!!!! That's the only thing I want to do and I can't. Even if I tried I wouldn't be able to. It was bad enough just taking a taxi to the stake center to write this morning. 

To top it all off my white blood cells plummeted and so now I have a lovely throat infection, I think it's strep, so Im going to the doctor later today (happy p day to me and the APs) to get some antibiotics. 

Hey I didn't even go to church yesterday. The zone leaders and the assistants to president (APs) brought me and my companion the sacrament which was awesome but a little embarrassing cause the last time I had showered was definitely Friday morning. But I showered today!!!!! I was finally able to haha. Im getting better don't worry. It was just a miserable few days lemme tell you.

Zone Conference, right before the virus hit!!

ON THE BRIGHT SIIIDE -N- IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Havent had a baptism in forrrever. But -N- is awesome. He's this 20 year old guy that we found because he moved in with his uncle who has been visiting with missionaries for like 2 years and loves the church and has a testimony but he just needs to get divorced so he can marry -A- and then they can get baptized. But anyway -N-moved in in the middle of October and we started teaching him on the 21st and he's already getting baptized either this saturday or the next. he is so pilas. We taught him the word of wisdom (health code the LDS church has) and he quit smoking just like that. We taught him the law of chastity and he legit just broke up with his girlfriend, just like that. And yeah he's awesome.

I feel sort of awful so Im going to lay on the floor now here in the family history room haha but I will be better soon don't worry. Just with time and patience. We're watching a movie as a zone today so that should be fun too. 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! please pray for me Im sort of suffering haha

love, hermanita steele

Saturday, November 29, 2014

37s hiii

From November 17th

i dont feel like writing anything today haha ill just say my comp was  sick  so we stayed in the house a lot and i was frustrated but we had 10 investigators in church and new record yay and emily put in her papers and YAYAYAYAYAY

pretty sunset

I LOVE MY ZONE!!!! we have the most pilas zone ever right now

pretty bird

went to the beach!
me and the APs

hermanita velasquez :D

sand castle!!
it was really bright and the pic didnt really work ahaha

handstands on the beeeach

my bestest friend elder camey
hermana WOOOODS!!! :D

stuffed taxi rides

(Elder Hatch is holding the door shut hahaha)
Miguel (a member) and I with PUPPIESSSS!! they're only 4 days old!!!

M WENT TO CHURCH!! look at all the ¨no¨ and FINALLY SI!!!

zone pic at the beach°°° (missing the zone leaders because one had dengue)

36s the week where everything went right and then everything went wrong

From November 10th

Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday? PILAS HOMBRE. Tons of lessons. New investigators. District leader being like What Hermana were those really your real dats? Yes Elder. Yes you betcha. You know it. And then Thursday? Friday? Saturday? Sunday? Man I dont know what happened but EVERYTHING went wrong. But you know what, thats just how the mission is, and Im over it. Out of my control. Nothin I can do, I did allllll I could to make it better. Man. We got to go to the beach this morning and it was AMAZING and so Im all relaxed and good now. Life is okay. Everything happens for a reason. Ill send my beach pictures next week :D I LOVE THE PLAYA

One of the things that went wrong is Moises and Erica. Moises did something, we dont know what, and made Erica mad and so now she doesnt want to be married anymore. DANGIT WOMAN WE WORKED SO HARD ON YOU! She was also just accepting the idea of baptism. But now not a chance, she says. But we will see how the Spirit will work through her these next couple weeks. 

Basically, to sum up the week, Satan is attacking everyone were teaching and its really frustrating. But it will all turn out alright. I know it will. The Assistants told me this is my last change in my area todayso I have until December 10 to kill it over here. And you better believe were killin it. The baptims may not be coming right now. But I know that we are working our hardest and the best we can. President told me that I was one of his hardest working missionaries in the mission and that just fires me up even more. 

Well I dont have much else to say. Ill send pics next week. love you all bye!

hermanita steele

35s a long semi dramatic account of my week

Just writing in the same room as both the Assistants to the President and the Sister Training Leaders, no big deal, no pressure. At least they're all like my best friends hahaha :P I love my life
I'll do a day by day this week for the first time because this week was SO CRAZY AWESOME. Be prepared for a long semi dramatic account of my week hahahahaha

Monday: P day. P day in this case stands for not only preperation but panic. Changes. Wednesday. It was all I could think about. The Assistents were supposed to call in the night time. I was so nervous. For some reason I felt like I was leaving and I DIDNT WANT TO. We wait all day. 6 pm comes we go work. We go with Moises and Erica and invite them to the temple and they're like YEAH and ERICA TOLD US SHE WOULD THINK ABOUT GETTING MARRIED!!! We finally convinced her to look at reality and look how happy Moises and her are, and helloooo youre not gonna get divorced. 8pm comes and goes. All of a sudden it was 10:29 and I was like NOOO THEY DIDN'T CALL. So. Went to bed. COULDNT SLEEP. Literally woke up every hour. 

Tuesday: Wake up. Cant focus to excersize. Barely get through studying. So nervous. Dont wanna leave. We leave at 10. Go work in the other area were taking care of. Contact a pilas reference and challenge her to baptism and she says yes. After the lesson, couldnt focus. Went to lunch at 12. Staring at the phone the whole time. What. Why havent the zone leaders called.1pm and we leave lunch and get to work. Still cant focus but were teaching some lessons. At 230. BOOM. THE CALL. 
¨no se preocupe hermanas no tienen cambios¨

YAY I DONT HAVE CHANGES THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. But wait it gets better. So we go work. I'm happy. TONS of miracles right after the call. Like boom Armando has actually done something and gotten his mission papers in. Just lots of awesome miracles we saw. New investigators. Im loving it. 

Wednesday: day of Changes. I call my friend Hermana Woods who is in the north of the mission. It went like this: steele: GIRL DO YOU HAVE CHANGES?? woods: YES! All I know is Im leaving the city! s: AHHHH I hope you come to the south!!!! Ive been in two areas this change and theyre gonna put hermanas in the other area finally and Im soooo praying your coming here w: AHH I want to so bad!! I want to come to the south to work with you that would be awesome!!!!!!!! steele: Well hey call me after changes and tell me where youre going!
Study. Leave at 10. go help our investigator wash her clothes. phone rings. Its the Zone Leaders. Oh theyre probably calling about how we need to clean the other house today. I answer Buenos dias habla Hermana Steele como esta Elder Torres? Elder Torres: jaja whats up hermanita, HERMANA STEELE. Ustedes van a recibir HERMANA WOODS EN SAN LUIS A!!!! me: no. Elder. No me miente. en serio. mentira. Torres: SI HERMANA STEELE!!! HERMANA WOODS VIENE!!!!!!! 

I GOT HERMANA WOODS!!!!!! I love her. so much. She came one change after me and we bonded just like that. best friends. She came to changes when I left for the south just to say bye to me. Ive missed her and Im sooo happy shes here!!!:D:D:DD
BUT NOT ONLY THAT. Hermana Garcia came to our zone too. She came here the same change as I did :D BUT NOT ONLY THAT. President is SOOO inspired. Here in the South the mission is known for more disobedience because its SOO far away from the Assistents to the President and President and the Office. BUT LOOK WHAT OUR PRESIDENT DOES :D he called two MORE assistents and sticks them in my zone, two assistents just for here in the South. So now we have 4 assistents to the president. THE BEST PART IS ITS ELDER CAMEY. My super best friend hahaha. When I came to the mission he was training Elder Tapia another great friend of mine and since Elder Camey speaks English (from Guate) we could communicate haha. And he was called to be assistant when he only had 6 months in the mission. And now after 6 more months of being assistant he is still assistant here in the south and Im just chillin down here with all my best mission friends workin hard and loving everything. 

Thursday was a normal day, rained a lot, went on divisions to show around Hermana Woods and Hermana Torres their new area. 

Friday: MOISES BIRTHDAY. Magic of cake. WOooooO!O!OO!O!O!!!! So. We bought him a cake. He works during the day and so we went to plan his birthday suprise with Erica, who of course forgot his birthday completely hahaha. But we surpised him that night with the cake and threw balloons at him. He was so happy. Hes never celebrated his birthday before. He was exctatic. (how do you spell that). So we ate cake for a bit and it was delicious, and then we settled down for the lesson. We talked about temples and eternal marriage and the importance of it. ERICA. SHE HAS FINALLY OPENED UP. Erica is totally up for marriage now. Not ready for baptism, but MOISES ACCEPTED A BAPTISMAL DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOISES. THE MOISES. WHAT. WHAT. SO MANY MIRACLES. I love everything. I love this family. Problem is satan is attacking them. They couldnt go to church because what happened? Not only did Moises get the freaking dengue but his grandma died. Man. Im so frustrated. But still we are making ourselves PILAS and working soo hard to get them progressing more.

Litterally after the opening prayer that I offered of the lesson with them on Friday, Erica said immediately: What is this peace I feel? Is it from the cake? I WANTED TO JUMP AND CRY AND HUG HER. But I didnt and we explained what the Spirit was and aweuhtaliweugauh3wer wow. Its amazing how the spirit has worked through them. I never want to leave San Luis man. 

Saturday was a normal day, more new investigators, great lessons, so on and so on. 

Sunday. Hermana Renterias birthday! We ate cake. Sunday morning was good, we had 6 investigators walking with us to church, we even had to do divisions with members in the morning to get them there. AND So I was directing the hymns and feeling a little sad that Moises and Erica couldnt come and that Ana and Nelson and Nelsons nephew named Nelson (20 years old, were helping him quit smoking and stop hanging out in the street and be baptized) were in teguciglapa and couldnt come. BUT MIRACLES. As im up there in the stand THEY WALKED IN. Nelsoncitos first time in church. I totally cried up there hahaha not a lot just a little. It was awesome. Were being so blessed right now and I am so thankful. poco a poco. One negative thing this week is that often our really positive investigators MOVE. STOP. MOVING. JUST. STAY. WHERE. YOU. ARE. But yeah. Everything happenes for a reason. Counting dats was nice, had some awesome dats again and 11 new investigators this week and 12 baptismal challenges. The Lord is blessing us. Im happy. So happy Im here in San Luis.

love, hermanita steele

Sunday, November 2, 2014

34s Nervous

From October 27th
flooded streets (sometimes its up to mid calf)

Well we find out if we have changes tonight. Changes are on Wednesday. We will see what happens. Sometimes I honestly feel like Im leaving but you never really know. IM SO NERVOUS D: I DONT WANT TO LEAVE THIS AREA IT IS THE BEST PLACE EVER. 
my AWSESOME ward mission leader and his wife and daughter

​Well things are going well down here in Choluteca Honduras. We worked really hard this week and got a call from our zone leaders saying we had the best dats in the zone!! That was a really nice treat to reward our hard work. We had 28 lessons with inactive or recent converts this week and a lot of lessons with non members too. The work is goin!​ My companion is really progressing too. 
my current district. The self timer thing didnt work out as well as I hoped haha.

Good news! Our landlord is fixing our pila so we can clean it more often and better so we dont breed mosquitoes! yay! I love clean water!

I haven't been one of many words in my emails lately huh haha hmm life is good basically. Time is moving really really fast. Like really fast. I'm at our stake center writing you guys with the sister training leaders and one is Hermana Groll who was my trainer (I LOVE HERMANA GROOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL SO MUCHHHHH) and shes getting all these emails about preparing to go home in December after this next transfer. And Im just sitting here thinking, wasnt it just yesterday that I came into the mission and met you and you told me you had 9 months? what happened? 

Julio finally told us the truth that he really doesnt want to be baptized. So that was a real bummer and I am pretty sad about it, but hey. Así es la vida and theres nothin I can do! As much as I want to take away agency, I can't. And we move on. 

Ahhhh Moises and Erica <3 I love this family so much. They have progressed a million miles. They went from being like no you guys are crazy what is this Book of Mormon and rejecting living prophets to now accepting everything we say with a ¨wow really I didnt know that before¨ attitude (at least Moises does haha Erica is taking a little more time) and wanting to get married in the temple so they can be together for eternity (again, more Hermano Moises lol Erica has FINALLY OPENED UP AND SAYS SHE WILL THINK ABOUT MARRIAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS HUUUGE). I love them so much. 
Moises and Erica and their family. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.
And little David and Salin and the baby :D I forget the babys name haha. but shes so cute. I know they will get married and baptized one day, Erica just needs to wake up and get on board. and she IS waking up :)) she IS opening her mind and heart to the idea of marriage. and I know that they will be baptized with patience and love from the missionaries that will teach them after me. I am so happy to have the privilege of being the first missionary to touch their lives. I will never forget them. 
Moises and Erica and their family :)))
And when they DO get married, and after they both accept baptism, they will get married in the temple and no matter where I am, I will make a way to be there. I love them so much and I KNOW, the spirit testifies to me, that they will one day make this step. I cant explain why we kept going back after our first visits were so negative. I just knew. And just knowing that makes my entire work worth it.
crazy little girls

Ill leave it at that for today. HAVE AN AWESOME HALLOWEEN THIS FRIDAY!!!!!! :D 

love always, 
hermanita steele

33s The rains came down and the floods came up

From October 20th

Me and the cute little girl (no idea what her name is) who lives in our apartment complex and is always shouting ADIOS HERMANAAAAS​ every time we leave the house hahaha SHE IS SO ADORABLE

Lots of kinda weird things happened this week. 
Had some health issues... I'm just gonna leave it at that. Honduras is brutal to health man. But were good now.
A baby bird we found in a banana tree!!

And Andres disappeared... Which is really sad. He like had to leave really quickly for work so we didnt get to say bye or anything and no one knows where he is. I guess our purpose was to plant the seed and someone else will harvest the fruit. :/ 

...Storms of a lifetime too. the power goes out a lot. I love thunder! sometimes

We got water yesterday!!!! yay!! it already went away but I had a good shower this morning. yay! semi clean water!
We cooked the other night. Typical Honduran food
I also bought my first hammock. I LOVE HAMMOCKS. 

Moises is so pilas. The problem is we cant seem to get him to church. But he says he will come next week. We will see. Poco a poco. Little by little. 

And Julio doesnt want to be baptized right now. Its a little frustrating when people know everything, know the church is true, but they just want to waaaait. Hes like well, I wasnt planning on doing this in October. DECEMBER!! well I wont be here in December. Its a bummer. He will get baptized though. Just with some time. 

Our ward did a cool thing this week where we all met at the church at 6pm Thursday and Saturday and made a list of inactive people and people who didnt go to church last sunday (attendance is way down right now because there is an epidemic of dengue). Then we all split off and visited every single one. It was awesome! Some new people came to church who hadnt come in forever, some in years. Not a whole lot though and we still have lots of work to do. But I absolutely loved that idea.
Me in the mission home with Hermana Bowler, the Presidents wife. I LOVE HER

I think thats it for now. I love all of you! I hope your lives are going great and that you love every moment and cherish the wonderfulness of the United States. Because everyone here wants to go there. 

hermanita steele
Hermana Groll (my trainer) and Hermana Rodriguez , My sister training leaders

32s RAIN

From October 13th

It rains a lot. hard. with lots of thunder and lightning. it makes the power go out a lot which sucks cause then we have to go home if its dark outside cause its really dangerous. and you know, we cant see anything haha. I miss America!

This week we had 26 retentions - retentions are lessons with recent converts to the church, or someone who has been baptized who doesnt go to church. twenty six. were working so hard on getting these people back on the right track. 

I dont have a lot of time. Ill just talk about what happened a little bit. I need more patience. Andres has sort of gone missing for 4 days now and we are all worried. MOISES FINALLY WANTS TO GET MARRIED. And not in two years, RIGHT NOW. The problem is his girl doesnt want to. So were working on that. Im in Tegucigalpa right now because I had to get my residency card. Im almost an official resident of Honduras! I enjoy telling people there baptisms werent actually valid and trying to get them to see the importance of authority. I love Jesus Christ. We are teaching a really awesome couple named Ana and Nelson who want to get married and baptized. Carmen wants to get baptized on the 8th so yay. Um. What else. I love life! I love being a missionary! I love everything! woo! Im happy! I cant send pictures sorry. I dont think I took any this week anyway. CARLOS AND JUAN CARLOS CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carlos was baptized almost a year ago and hasnt gone to church in like 7 months but weve been visiting him for 2 months and HE FINALLY CAME BACK. and Juan Carlos had some pretty aweful stuff happen to him so he left the church. But we started visiting him and he is coming back too:):)}

Every day I am more thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without him, there is no purpose for life, because without taking advantage of His Atonement, we cant return to live with him. 

I love you allll 
update me on your lives
love hermanita steele

p.s. everyone and their dog has DENGUE right now and Im really scared Im gonna get it

31s Conference

From October 6th

General Conference. Such love. Many Spirit. Wow. 


um but really. Wow!! My two favorite talks were by Elder Klebingat and Elder Christofferson. And how cool is it to hear the native languages of some of the Authorities!!! I cant tell you how much it meant to the people here to hear the real voices of two who chose to speak in Spanish. 

Andres went to the Priethood session of conference and we havent seen him yet to see what he thought but the men in the ward said he loved it and came in a white shirt and tie and everything!! They all went out for soda after too. And so yay he is making friends at church!!! That is always what the missionaries want. For the investigators to have stronger relationships with the members of the ward than with the missionaries. Because one day we will leave. 

Daniel is a man we have taught only two times. The second time we taught him I knew "I need to ask this man about smoking." and so yeah he said "I smoke, and I smoke about 5 cigarrettes a day." and well, we told him to stop. and we told him that Christs Atonement can help him stop. And we said hey, we are going to come back in 24 hours. can you give up smoking for 24 hours? So we came back, but he wasnt there!!! nooo!!! because then we figured he would start smoking again. The next time we saw him was Sunday when he showed up to conference. And not only had he not smoked already for 3 days, but he shaved too to go to church. Yay!! Progressing investigators!!

Last night Erica didnt attend us again, but Moises did. Please, pray that Moises can recieve his answer that he needs to get married and baptized. I know one day he will. He knows what he needs to do. 

Well I think thats it. I love General Conference. This is the true church of our Savior Jesus Christ and there IS NO OTHER. I know the Joseph Smith restored the church that Jesus established when he came to earth. And I know that today, Thomas S Monson is the prophet who holds the keys to direct the church.

I love this church and I love this work.


hermanita steele

30s Miracles and Blessings

From September 29th

I've never been so blessed in one week on my mission. 

Andres. He is 20 years old. We were teaching one of our investigators named Karla, and Andres walks in. I was confused because I had been to her house tons of times but I had never seen him. Turns out he moved in with Karlas family because he has been an orphan all his life and needed a place to live and he was a friend of her moms boyfriend. So I invited him to listen, and he did, and he went to church on Sunday and he loved it. Ill keep you updated on him. He accepts all the stuff we tell him. Its awesome. He loves coffee though so that will be his biggest challenge haha. 

Julio. He is progressing. He is marking his scriptures and praying every night on his knees (we have the testimony of his parents!!) and going to church. 

Moises. well and his wife Erica. She isnt really progressing, but he is. We challenge him to baptism every lesson were with him, and the last time he didnt say "in two years," he said, "wait. what date did you say? the 25th of October? well theres still lots of time before then...." which wasnt a yes, but it was a heck of a lot better than the other answers hes given us. still hasnt gone to church though. a ver!

Fiama and Erik. Erik is a man who made a few mistakes in the years after he got back from his mission, and he is living with his girlfriend and his newborn daughter. We went with them last night and I gave Erik my picture of the Tegucigalpa temple to hang up so they can remember their goal to one day be an eternal family. We talked about how that is the most important thing and Eric was looking at the temple and his family and me with just the sweetest tears in his eyes. Were working on getting them married so Fiama can get baptized and Eric can be worthy to go to the temple again and then they can be sealed. I could see the sorrow in Erics eyes for the way his life has gone, but I could also see the hope. :)

Hildebrando y Mari. Okay. Time for the thing not one of the readers of this email is going to believe, but that's okay. I promise you this really happened. This couple just showed up to church. A friend who is a Mormon but goes to another ward invited them to ours because they live in our boundaries. And so they went and showed up by themselves. After sacrament meeting (they came in late and just happened to sit in front of where we were sitting with Andres) I talked to them and I was like hey there is another class, do you want to go?? and the guys like vámonos pues!! (like, yeah lets go!!). And so here is the part that you wont believe. During the class for invesitgators and recent converts (that our Bishop teaches), we were talking about signs of the second coming. One of the signs is the restoration of the true gospel of Christ, which you and I know has already happened. But Hildebrando and Mari have never heard anything about it at all. So Bishop gave a short summary of the restoration, talking about how Christs church fell and Joseph Smith restored it after God and Jesus appeared to him in the first vision. So I was thinking, I wonder what this couple is thinking right now. Bishop mentioned something about some people not believing that Joseph Smith saw God. And so then this happened:

Hildebrando raises his hand. "Can I ask a question??"
Bishop: "Of course!!!"
Hildebrando: "So, some people dont believe that this prophet saw God?"
Bishop: "Yeah, thats correct."
Hildebrando: "Well, then they dont believe that MOSES saw God. Then they dont believe that the other prophets in the Bible saw God!! Joseph Smith was a prophet, of COURSE he saw God!!!"

Im not lying I promise. I was stunned. Bishop was stunned. My ward mission leader. Everyone. It just made so much sense to this man. At the end of church I was talking to Mari and shes like "yeah we went to this evangelical church last night and I hated it, and the Jehovas Witnesses have been visiting us and we dont like them either, they told me I dont have a soul, but here? We like it here. Were gonna keep coming to this church. Were staying here." I cant wait to have our first appointment with them on Wednesday. 

Those are just a few of my blessings this week. Another one was while we were waiting for the bus to go to district meeting, an elementary school was getting out. And so what happened? All the kids stopped to hug us on their way home. It was so cute. The challenge is, with almost all of our investigators... they want to be baptized, but they wont commit to a date. Its frustrating, but were movin forward and workin hard.



hermanita steele

29s My Second Child

From September 22nd
I killed a scorpian! 

Im training! a brand new missionary fresh out of the ccm this time! Her name is Hna Renteria from California, but she already knows spanish because her parents are from Mexico. She is wonderful and has so much love for these people and such a desire to share her testimony.

Oh so right other stuff has happened. This has been a real long week! There were two sets of missionaries in my ward. And, they took out the other ones. So I have the whole ward to myself. Woo! My area more than doubled in size. And when the ward members found out

they took out the other set of missionaries theyre like WHAT you guys cannot do that by yourselves! and Im like well the Lord says we can so we can! So we can. And were doin it. 

Baptism this sunday! An 18 year old girl named Ninoska. Another advantage of the other area closing, we get their baptisms haha. Shes super pilas. She recently broke up with her boyfriend because he didnt want to be a part of the church and she wants to get married in the temple to an ex missionary. Shes awesome.

I dont remember if Ive talked about Julio. But hes this awesome joven 15 years old and hes in a part member family. the parents and one brother are members and there are two brothers who arent. Julio has never wanted to meet with the missionaries until Hna Gutierrez and I came and found him. And now he loves us AND HE CAME TO CHURCH WOO

Last night we taught Moises and Erica about the celestial kingdom and how freaking amazing its going to be. Man. The spirit was so strong. They want to go there so badly They dont want to go to the terrestrial or telestial kingdoms. And so. I was like. What do you need to do to go here? and Moises just sort of looked at me. And he said, counting on his fingers, we have to go to church. we have to get married. we have to repent. And then we have to get baptized. and then we have to endure to the end. 

boom. They know. 

The problem is they want to get married in two years SOOO we are working on that. At least they know now what they have to do, and WHYYY. Because they want to live in the Celesital Kingdom with their families and Jesus and God for eternity. They want eternal happiness.

They know. They will get there. 

work work work. 

I love you alllllll. 
Y me encanta español. y la misión. y mi compañera. y TOOODDDOOOO.

hermanita steele
It's a chicken!!!

Isaiah 52:7 How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!