Monday, July 27, 2015

One month to go!

From July 20

It was hard finding new investigators this week, but during the weekend we were finally able to find some! yay... the work continues...
M. is progressing still. She.. is waiting for the answer to her prayers. I dont know when it will come (or when she will recognize it) but when it does, she will be baptized and will be one of the best members in the ward. Man.. I wish her answer would come. We have had some crazy and spiritual experiences with her lately... I love her so much. I hope her answer comes while I am here. I feel like I was sent here just for her.
We went to the temple this week with the zone..... It was beautiful like alwaysss... the zone leaders took us to lunch BY THE AIRPORT... that wasnt cool haha 

One. Month. Left?????? ..... im out of words. pictures are mejor
love, hna steele

Last comp

From July 13

last comp


my last mission comps name is Hna Vizcaino. SHE IS THE GREATEST THING EVER I LOVE HER SO MUCH. I remember when she came to the mission. She's the only one I remember from that day. I always wanted to be her comp. And here we are!! The great thing is that one time we did divisions together when I was an STL. And after these divisions shes always wanted to be my comp too. And.. so she asked President if we could be comps. That was a long time ago but he finally granted her wish and Im happy about that :D She is so great. She is from the Dominican Republic.
Al and O were baptized this week :) I love them sooo much. We are teaching their family and they are progressing as well. Not as fast as they did, but they are progressing :)
Iv wants to serve a mission. :D Shes seriously the most pilas thing Ive ever seen. She is so amazing. So sweet and just so perfect.
I love you all. Time is flying really fast...
love, hna steele

family home evening with the Gomez fam​

family home evening with the Gomez fam​

this is the flower of the fruit Maracuyá. I LOVE MARACUYA its sooo delicious​

some pretty scenes...

 Iv and O and A and Pedro​ made us dinner AND CAKE to say goodbye to hna Jimenez

taking hna jimenez and hna zaleta to Tegucigalpa so they could get changed... they both went to the south. I WILL MISS HNA ZALETA I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH

 Elder Osmond went home this week!! He is suuuch an amazing missionary and I am happy to have had his example during my mission. He was my zone leader twice and my AP also AND we served in the same ward AND were always singing together in baptisms and conferences.

hna jimenez and hna woods are comps! love them

O and Al were baptized Saturday :) it was a beautiful day

Beautiful Baptism

From July 6

a pretty view. I love valle de angeles!!
Beautiful Baptism 
Iv was baptized on Saturday!! It was such a beautiful baptismal service and she was sooo happy. She;s single and 25 years old, studying her second major in the university. The YSA of our branch are so pilas and they did so much for us. This saturday her friends Al. and O. are getting baptized. All thanks to Pedro, a member of the branch who invited them to church. We went with her last night to give her the scriptures we bought her and she told us that she is so excited to go on a mission in a year. She has been searching for the truth all her life and she has finally found it. She is passing a hard time in her life, but she has expressed how calm and happy she feels now, after she recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost. I love her so much :) She is going to be a great missionary one day. 

Iv's baptism!! :))
​So last week I mentioned we went to a sealing. It was so beautiful. I love hna Zwang and I am so happy that she invited me to her sealing. She is someone I will be in contact with forever. It was suuuuch a beautiful day!!!!
M and her 3 children D, Mo, and Br will be baptized on the 18th of July :) She knows now that our message is true. We feel a really different spirit with her now. We gave to the kids a picture book of the stories of the book of mormon and theyre already half way through it and they tell us what they learn everytime we come, basically theyre just telling every story to us. they are so smart. I love them :)
The investigators we have right now who are progressing and getting baptized are all references from MEMBERS. We as members of the church have to give people we love to the missionaries!!! They are the ones most likely to get baptized. So take the missionaries to your friends. :D
Hna Jimenez is going to have changes this week. She has arthritis and the cold and rainly weather is really hard on her, so she is getting transferred to the South. Im nervous to have a new companion. This week I start my last transfer........ajoewuihalidfaliweweu ​
​I think thats all for now... I love you all! have a great week :)
love, hna steele​

so the power went out at night again so here I am with my candle

I love hna Oram!!! shout out to her parents who read my blog sometimes hahahah :p I love your daughter!

comp pics en la iglesia

mi zaleta 
BYE ELDER SMITH!!! my zone leader who goes home this week D:

Because I love you

From June 29

Because I love you

Okay I have 10 minutes to write and a million things to talk about ahhH!!!!!! 
Friday was the most beautiful day of my mission. Why BECAUSE the templeeee. I got to see the sealing of Hermana Zwangggg I love her. It was such a beautiful day and I love her soo much. 
Iveth is getting baptized on Saturday!!!!!! I wish i could write more but I oew you guys a great letter next monday haha. Just remind me... sorry that I dont have time, I have an appt in Tegucigalpaaaaa awioeuathlieuwa
Okay Im doing well, I love you all, this week was amazing, and BYE
love, hermanita steele

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Almost a ward

From June 22

almost a ward

This week I have things to write about. 
Tuesday night I got a call from the sister training leaders in Esperanza saying were going to do divisions
(when they change companions for a day) the next day, and that I was going to Esperanza!! Yay!! So I went. Of ALL the dozens of divisions Ive done... Those were definitely my favorite. It was so great to see the people I love. We went to visit the Familia H.    I. was so happy to see me, she was baptized with me in April. Her parents had gotten married and the husband C was all ready to be baptized on Saturday, but his wife.. Not so much. Even when we got to the house she was saying she wasnt prepared. But.. After a really powerful lesson and the closing prayer on our knees, we left the house, everyone crying, and the both of them were baptized together on Saturday. YESSSSS. The ward mission leader from Esperanza called me to thank me. The hermanas over there had been struggling with A(the wife) and hes like, you just got here and boom she accepts her baptism date! Im sure it was a beautiful baptism. 

I got home from divisions on Thursday. Thursday was a normal day. The rest of the week was not...

Friday we had interviews as a zone with President Bowler. I always love interviews. That day I learned that Heavenly Father is really really merciful even if we dont deserve it hahahaha. Ill just leave it at that for now ;) The APs were teaching their lesson and the new AP this change, Elder Thompson, made us a promise that if we have 6 investigators progressing AND with a baptismal date and 3 in church every week we will have 2 baptisms in July. And my mind was like.... okay thats nice Elder Thompson okay mmhm yep. Sure. Ive had those dats a bunch of times and still no one gets baptized. But then I was like... President Bowler has called him to be assistant and tell us this. President Bowler was called to be President by the 12 and the first presidency... sooo... God has called Elder Thompson to make us this promise. SO. I have A LOT of faith in this promise. This week we had 7 progressing that also have a baptismal date and 7 in church. Were on the right track. I;m excited to have some baptisms. 

And really I have seen a huge difference since that meeting. We have found 11 new investigators the past 3 days. E, Iv, and O are the most positive. E (36 years) has already read up to 1 Nephi chapter 21. in TWO days. Iv (25 years) is getting baptized the 4th of July, she goes to institute with all the YSA, and she already has been to church 3 times. AND shes our neighbor! :p O (16) has a date for the 11th, she was a reference from Iv. Thats how you know if you have a REAL investigator. If they give you references. 

On Sunday Elder Ocampo of the 70 visited our branch to tell us and motivate us to work hard to be a ward. We are almost there!! My old bishop of Esperanza was released and now he is part of the stake so he had to come to the meeting, and he brought his whole family to see me :) 
Obispo Pozo and his family

This keyboard is horrible and it makes me hands hurt so thats all Im gonna write today :P


love, hna steele 


this is a cool lizard I saw in front of our house today :D

F. and I :) my convert from Esperanza


from June 15


The power was out ALL day yesterday, from the time we woke up until 8:56 at night. We worked until it got dark at about 6 and we went to out branch Presidents house to eat hot dogs cooked on the fire :) Then he took us home in his car, its a little frustrating going home early on the mission but we cant work in darkness. The few stars we could see (it was cloudy) were really pretty because there was no light for as far as I could see. 
So one day, we go and visit hno Gv. Gv is the uncle of one of the returned missionaries here. He has been inactive for a really long time. We visit him.... and he comes to church on Sunday! we visit him again.. and he came to church this sunday too! In a white shirt and tie and everything. We are hoping he continues being active. 
Fun fact, it is sooo hard to speak English... Like I can speak it, but not well. My words get all mixed up. 
I have so much love for the people here in Valle de Angeles. I feel as if I have spent my whole mission preparing to come here. When I first got here, we saw lots of immediate blessings and I was so happy. Since then, things have gotten harder, as they always do. Sometimes people we think who are golden and progressing, stop progressing. Sometimes people dont understand the Restored Gospel and dont feel the Spirit even when He is present. Sometimes things dont go as planned. But we continue working, just trusting in the Lord. Most of the time I feel as if I havent seen the success I want to in the mission, and I try to remember that our success as missionaries isnt measured in ¨how many people we baptize,¨ but in our personal efforts, work, obedience, and conversion. I was called to preach the restored gospel and that is what I will do, its the only thing I can do. I just have to trust in my Heavenly Father and be obedient and work hard and be dilligent, and everything will happen according to His plan and I will return home a successful missionary. 
Alma 26:27.
I love you all, until next week,Hermana Steele

lo siento, I didnt take pictures this week. 

Here comes the rain

From June 8

here comes the rain

It has begun... Rainy season! Rain rain rain every day for most of the day. But thats okay, at least its not hot. But my feet are wet and theres lots of mud! Sometimes the storms are really bad and we have to go to a members house or we will probably get struck by lightning or drown haha. I love my area it is sooo beautiful.
We had some cool new investigators this week! yay, we hadnt been getting a lot because I have been so sick, but Im okay now :) man before the mission I neeeever got sick...
M is still progressing :) She slept in on Sunday so she didnt make it to church... But she is praying really hard to know if what we are teaching is true. She has changed a lot and commited this week to keep the Word of Wisdom and stop drinking coffee. Her oldest daughter is 12 and is really awesome too, she always reads what we leave but not just once, TWICE so she can understand the chapters really well :D I love this family so much. And they were a reference from a recently returned missionary. Give references!

me and the horse of the G. family.
 This family is so awesome, I got to the area and our first day we visited them. They were totally inactive. And now they come to church almost every sunday and the husband recieved a calling on Sunday :)) its a family of 4, the parents and the two sons who are like 9 and 12 I think. He is an ex missionary who got caught up in working on sundays, but he has fixed everything so he and his family can go and keep progressing :)

my beautiful area​

aaand of course, some pictures of the rain :p

more of my area

my comp and I


From June 1st

We had a really good lesson with the neighbor and friend of our branch President, J. J. He is really looking for the truth. He told us there is a big empty spot in his heart that he is trying to fill, and we told him that our message, centered in the true gospel of Jesus Christ, will fill it. He has a problem, he works for the _____embassy as a bodyguard. So, he almost never has time. But another job has come up that he might take and we are praying he will take it. It will require sacrifice but he will have more time for his family and he can go to church too. Pray for him! 
Hna Jimenez and I are really excited to work together. She is a great missionary and we are going to do great things here. 
I love you all! hna steele

Ella es mi compañera!!!

some art in tegucigalpa

okay, hna morales and I were comps right, and here are the missionaries we trained, and these last changes past and hna morales went home, and our trainees are now companions!

last day of my comp hna morales!!!

HNA AGUIÑADA!!!! :):) she is the sister of one of my best friends who already ended his mission, she just got here on wednesday