Monday, July 27, 2015

One month to go!

From July 20

It was hard finding new investigators this week, but during the weekend we were finally able to find some! yay... the work continues...
M. is progressing still. She.. is waiting for the answer to her prayers. I dont know when it will come (or when she will recognize it) but when it does, she will be baptized and will be one of the best members in the ward. Man.. I wish her answer would come. We have had some crazy and spiritual experiences with her lately... I love her so much. I hope her answer comes while I am here. I feel like I was sent here just for her.
We went to the temple this week with the zone..... It was beautiful like alwaysss... the zone leaders took us to lunch BY THE AIRPORT... that wasnt cool haha 

One. Month. Left?????? ..... im out of words. pictures are mejor
love, hna steele

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