Wednesday, August 19, 2015

where pine and palm grow together

From July 27th...

where pine and palm grow together

Dont have much time today, I have to type out my final report. WHAT. How is this happening. Time flies sooo fast. 

I had divisions with Hna Morgan this week. She is so awesome and we had so much fun haha. She asked me for advice on how to be a good sister training leader. I dont really miss that calling. It was fun, but I love just focusing on my own companionship and area. Its much less stressful. We had some good lessons together. 
Yesterday I lost my sweater... bummer.
Our converts Iv, A, and Od are progressing really well. L, (the sister of A and mom to Od) is progressing along with her daughter M as well. They have a baptismal date for the 15th of August. They came to church on Sunday and loved it! Hermana L is soooo smart and already has a testimony that what we teach is true. I am looking forward to seeing their baptisms before I leave.
well, gotta do my report. I love you all so much.
love, hna steele

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