Wednesday, August 19, 2015


From August 10th
Sorry Im writing late, there was no power. And I think its going to go away again because it just started raining super hard... but such is Valle de Angeles.
ZONE LUNCH AT MY HOUSE :D pollo asado mmmmm yum
Hermana M just isnt progressing like she should. We feel that it just isnt her time. Im really sad that we are going to have to drop teaching her. We will probably only go two more times, once to teach her this week, and next monday so I can say goodbye. I really love her and her family. I pray that in the future she will accept the Restored Gospel.

Its sort of you know, insane, that I will be home in 10 days. What? When did that happen? We plan on working our hardest this week. Its my last full week here in Honduras until I can come visit again, but it just wont be the same coming back here and not being a missionary. There are so many recently returned missionaries here in Valle that are bugging me so much about how Im going home haha ahh I love them. I love it here. My two Bishops from the city are coming to the airport with their families to say bye to me. Man. I dont want to come home sometimes. The thought of not being a missionary...... :(

Lourdes, Odeths mom, is progressing well too. Something came up so she couldnt come to church on Sunday but she is still looking for her answer and reading. We have faith that she will progress towards baptism on the 5th of September. I wont be here, but, thats okay.

It just keeps raining harder and harder so Im gonna go now, I dont want the power to go out again and we are far from home haha sooooo love you all SO much. Ill talk to you for the last time through email in exactly one week.

Family, please bathe my dogs. Dont forget. I miss clean animals that I can cuddle with.

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