Monday, July 27, 2015

Last comp

From July 13

last comp


my last mission comps name is Hna Vizcaino. SHE IS THE GREATEST THING EVER I LOVE HER SO MUCH. I remember when she came to the mission. She's the only one I remember from that day. I always wanted to be her comp. And here we are!! The great thing is that one time we did divisions together when I was an STL. And after these divisions shes always wanted to be my comp too. And.. so she asked President if we could be comps. That was a long time ago but he finally granted her wish and Im happy about that :D She is so great. She is from the Dominican Republic.
Al and O were baptized this week :) I love them sooo much. We are teaching their family and they are progressing as well. Not as fast as they did, but they are progressing :)
Iv wants to serve a mission. :D Shes seriously the most pilas thing Ive ever seen. She is so amazing. So sweet and just so perfect.
I love you all. Time is flying really fast...
love, hna steele

family home evening with the Gomez fam​

family home evening with the Gomez fam​

this is the flower of the fruit Maracuyá. I LOVE MARACUYA its sooo delicious​

some pretty scenes...

 Iv and O and A and Pedro​ made us dinner AND CAKE to say goodbye to hna Jimenez

taking hna jimenez and hna zaleta to Tegucigalpa so they could get changed... they both went to the south. I WILL MISS HNA ZALETA I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH

 Elder Osmond went home this week!! He is suuuch an amazing missionary and I am happy to have had his example during my mission. He was my zone leader twice and my AP also AND we served in the same ward AND were always singing together in baptisms and conferences.

hna jimenez and hna woods are comps! love them

O and Al were baptized Saturday :) it was a beautiful day

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