Sunday, January 11, 2015

43s Happy New Year!

December 29th

I have no time left sorry!! But Christmas was fun. I loved skyping you, family!! and MY SISTER IS GOING TO BE A MISSIONARY IN BOLIVIA YAY EMILY I LOVE YOU!!
I wanted to talk about something that happened on the friday the 19th of december haha. 3 zones of missionaries went to downtown tegucigalpa to sing and promote the He is the Gift video. So we started singing on a side street because we didnt have permissionto be anywhere else. But then the guy who is in charge of the main stage in the central park saw us. and liked us. and told us to go sing and share messages on the stage. it was awesome. I sang a solo with Elder Osmond. It was so great. Lots of people!!!!!!!!!!! I love Christmas!!!
yeah i gotta gooooo bye love you all!!

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