Sunday, July 13, 2014

18s Changes

So everyone and their dog knew that Hermana Groll was going to leave the area.
Im not joking in the least bit. It was a little freaky. Our investigators (the people we teach), the members of our ward, and all the missionaries just assumed she was leaving, they didnt even ask. So when we found out, it wasnt a surprise. Hermana Groll is now a Sister Training Leader in the area nextdoor to mine. It was nice to know I was trained by one of the best missionaries in the mission. She really is a wonderful missionary who really loves her investigators and strives to teach according to their needs, like we need to. I miss her!!!
My new companion is Hermana Saldate from California (another gringa woo!). She likes to work hard, which is great. Its really kinda weird switching companions. Its just.... yeah. Weird. But Hermana Saldate is great and she likes to be direct. Her Spanish is really good but she just came from serving in the South so I cant understand her sometimes and neither can the people here in the city because of her accent hahahaha but its good. Im sure well adapt.
We had quite the lesson with Guadalupe (the former UN ambassador) and it quite frankly didn't go very well. Man. She is really stuck in her ways and doesnt want to change the beliefs she has had over the years. After a little bit of the Spirit leaving the lesson I realized wow we really need to calm down and get this back on track. So, I told her that all my life I thought Estonia was in Africa. And then someone told me it was in Europe and I was like what there is no way that is true. But when I searched for the answer on a map, boom. Estonia is in Europe. No matter how long I believed it was in Africa, I was wrong. If I went my whole life thinking it was in Africa and died that way, it doesnt change that Estonia is indeed in Europe. It doesnt change the truth. No matter how long she has believed what she does, it doesnt change the fact that it is not truth. Truth is truth and it is unchangeable. I told her to look for the answer from God. We can tell her all these things over and over but she is never going to believe anyone except for God. We will see what happens next. Shes leaving the country for awhile pretty soon so that sucks.
Our new mission President arrives today! Im excited to be in his ward still. He is from Nevada. I will miss President and Hermana Hernandez a lot. They are so wonderful.
Follow promptings from the Spirit you guys. Theyre real and they will help you. Hermana Saldate and I walked by a lady holding her baby yesterday and I looked up and smiled at her (she was in a balcony). As we walked she kept looking at us. I turned around again and thought, I really think we should go talk to her. And then Hermana Saldate looked back too, and I finally said, we should go back huh. and immediately Hna Saldate was like yes. And we turned around, taught her about faith, and she accepted the challenge to be baptized. Her name is Yeny (Jenny) and she doesnt go to any church because she doesnt like any of them. She says something is missing. HEY. HEY! YENY! WE HAVE WHAT IS MISSING!! WE HAVE ALL THE TRUTH!! Ill keep you all updated on this wonderful woman. and her cute baby :D
Listen to what the Lord is telling you and always have faith.

My Spanish is getting tons better. Still have lots to learn but Im doing super well now.
love, hermanita steele

pictures next week I hope

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