Sunday, June 29, 2014

17s:I know yooou I walked with you ooonce upoon a dreeeeeam

I sang that over and over yesterday for I think 30 minutes dancing with 5 children. I was exhausted but it was worth it and they loved it. 

​When it rains here its a good thing. 

Everyone eats with their hands and its a good thing. 

We went to the temple with a few of our investigators on Saturday. I got some really good pics but I cant send them today. Maybe next week. I sang twice and it was great. Latinos have started asking me for a cd again just like in the CCM haha. 

We went with -G- yesterday (the lady who was the UN Ambassador). She has had some incredible dreams all about her being in darkness and following a light and being afraid to follow it too. One was literally the spirit world. We read about the spirit world in the Book of Mormon​ and were like hey does this sound like your dream? And she said yes. She is going to be a slow process but I can tell every little bit she reads of the Book of Mormon is helping her realize there is way more to life than what she knows. We recignize she might be scared. For goodness sakes she has been a devout Catholic for 65 years. Its her life. But if there is something else that is true out there, she feels like the last 65 years have been a lie. I have faith her eyes will be opened to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. This is His church in its FULLNESS upon the earth. I testify of it. 

Changes are Wednesday and Im done training which very well means Hermana Groll and I might not be companions any more. Especially with 10 new hermanas coming in that need trainers. Im a little nervous. Not ready for a change. Our President goes home on the 2nd of July

We baptized my little friend Christian last night. He is so cute. Hes only 8 but all of his family are members. His parents and older sister are very very inactive, but his older brothers always come to church and bring him too.  I love those boys! Pictures next week.

Love you alllllll bye


Mom's note: she got her wallet stolen last Sunday. $$, drivers license, insurance cards... But not her debit cards or passport so I guess we can be thankful for that. 

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