Monday, June 16, 2014

14s Star Valley

*Letter from May 26*

Here in Honduras Im making up for all those years I didnt drink soda.

Small world moment, Hermana Suyapa, a wonderful member of my ward who is the mom to my best friend baby Jagger, lived in Star Valley, Wyoming years ago with the Scherbel family. Tommy Scherbel was one of my bosses when I worked as an RA at BYU this last fall.  Also the Perkes family (Chases moms side of the family) is from there, and I was in Star Valley this summer. Super crazy!!
Okay so I started with something awesome so now something sad. Theres been lots of sadness here lately. Don't worry I wont tell you about it all. Two Elders got in a car accident on Thursday. Elder Martinez, from El Salvador, died on Friday and his companion from Utah, Elder Lewis, has been sent back to the states to recover. Its super sad when missionaries die. Really scary too. Especially when it happens so close. Also hermana Carmen in my ward (family you met her on skype!!) fell in her pila and has really serious injuries and could have died. She has to stay in bed but she is recovering. She is the most positive person I know and she has such a wonderful relationship with Heavenly Father. Ive been thinking lots lately about why such awful things happen to bad people. There are reasons for everything. All you have to do is trust in God.
This weekend we have a wedding (WITH FAITH. PRAY THAT THE PAPERS WILL GO THROUGH FAST) and right after a baptism!!! The wedding is for <L> and <J>. L will be baptized right after but we have to wait for J to get baptized until the 14th of June because he needs one month without smoking. FINALLY. This is finally happening!!! they are SOOO ready!!!!! We saw J  de repente in the calle the other night. He was only walking to the pulperia but he was carrying around the church pamplets to give him strength not to smoke. he is such an example to me. He has SOOO much faith!!!! 

I always have all these spiritual things to share with you all that I think of during the week and then I forget them. So just read your scriptures. This is the church of Jesus Christ. I know it is true. Always work hard and always keep the faith. Pray more than you think you need to. Dont waste your time, you dont know when your time on this earth is going to be over. Life is very short, I have learned that in Honduras. You just dont know. Take care of yourself and learn every opportunity you get. Life is too short for anger. Life is too short not to smile. In your trials confide in the Lord and He will give you comfort. Study the life of Christ and become more like Him. Yeah I know its hard. Yeah I know you have to do homework, or work, or run an errand, or whatever. I know. I know. But how much do you love Christ? Do you love Him enough to give Him a few minutes of your day to pray and read your scriptures? How much do you love Him?
Lots of things Ive thought about this week. I wish I could share everything with everyone, but until next week...

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