Sunday, May 25, 2014

13s La casa anaranjada

my house is the naranja one- I am only the left garage and the upper floor, a man lives on the bottom floor and his door is on the right
We have a couple really strong families in our ward. We went to dinner at one of their houses last night and they were having a noche de hogar (family home evening) and it was one of the most beautiful things ever. and I sort of want their little toddler. His name is Jagger. I’m serious that’s his name. HE IS SO CUTE. And we walked by another family’s house the other night and heard them singing a hymn for their noche de hogar too. I wish all the families in the ward were like them. We need stronger families in our ward.
Making no-bake cookies for our investigators

Funny story. So we lost 3 baptismal dates in 1 day because 1 investigator, Jenni, got a new job and works all day Sundays. and she hadn’t been keeping her commitments so that was the final thing that told us to drop her and her 8 year old son. The other investigator we dropped was hiding from us, so there you go. After that we were feeling pretty down so we were walking down the street like "WHY ON EARTH ARE THE LATINO PEOPLE SO OPEN ABOUT EVERYTHING EXCEPT THIS." like they call everyone fat straight up if they are fat (which I love) and they call me 15 years old (which I don’t) and all this stuff. But they won’t just tell us NO we don’t want you to visit. They just keep asking us to come back even though they don’t want us to. So anyway we were complaining about this and then we thought we would go talk to these three old people. So we were like "hey can we talk about Christ with you" or something and this lady was like straight up NO. wouldn’t even look us in the eyes. it was so funny. so funny. we were like well. I guess God has a sense of humor. We get what we ask for don’t we? Well since that put us in such a good mood the rest of our day was awesome. So awesome.
Diana and Sharon took us out to Little Caesars because they are awesome investigators

Dangit sorry I don’t have any more time. I will write more next week. Love you all. Stay strong. Be careful what you ask the Lord for hahahah

love h.steele
Us and our friend/neighbor/investigator Karen

me and Hermana Flynn, we have a mutual friend Clint Purser

Parque Esperanza

Parque Esperanza View
we got into a taxi saturday night and a lady pulled out a conejito no big deal

me again...

another view of Tegus

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