Monday, May 5, 2014

11s Frozen

Today was awesome. For P-day our zone went to the stake president’s house and hung out and watched Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs in Spanish and then Frozen in English. FROZEN WAS SO GOOOOODD AH!! Don’t worry we got permission from President ;) It was so awesome. so fun. ah.

So last night I read Alma 26. Earlier this week I had read verse 22 and it has become our motto and our goal for our mission.  The verse has four things to do: Repent, Exercise faith, Do good works, and Pray without ceasing. It says if you do these things, you will receive revelation which will lead you to bring souls to repentance. So this is what Hermana Groll and I are working on right now. We have high goals for June. June? Yeah June. Because if we don’t start working on meeting a goal for June in May, then we are never going to meet it if we start trying at the beginning of the month. We have a really high goal that I have faith we can meet. We have really gained the trust from the members in our ward. Remember the other hermanas in this past area weren’t so stellar. But I think people really love us. I mean, the president of my mission told us that soooo it much be true lolz. On Sunday, we were flooded with references. Like 4-6 families. We are contacting some tonight.

So it has been raining like craaazy this week. It stopped today and only sprinkled a little yesterday but the first day we got soaked running home and we were only a house down the street.... I have a video of the river going down our hill.

​So fútbol (soccer)  is huge here. Which I knew but I didn’t realize how huge. We were really high up the other day when Madrid was playing (not even Honduras!!) and ohhh we knew when a goal was made. We heard cheers and air horns for miles coming from all different directions. It was so cool. And last night I think Argentina was playing and I think they won because there were fireworks outside for like 10 minutes.

There is a 99 year old woman and her 97 year old husband that are technically in our ward but they can’t go to church haha. But we like to go visit them every once and awhile. they are so cute!! he sang for us the other day. dont worry I got it on camera ;)

Right now we are on the fence with a lot of people on whether they are serious about this gospel or not. This next week ​we are really going to put the pressure on to get them serious or find out they haven’t been prepared. We need more time in our days sometimes I swear.

Alright thats all I have for now I think. Fam, talk to you on Mothers Day!


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