Monday, April 28, 2014

10s: Colonia Esperanza, Tegus- Pictures finally!

one of my favorite views in my area

So we haven’t had water for a week now. We get water from the calle every 3 days so we have to fill up the pila when it comes and hope we don’t miss it. It’s not just us, its the entire Colonia Esperanza. so we have heard this excuse a lot, ohhh sorry I didn’t read the Libro de Mormón or go to church cause I was waiting for the water. Yeaaah alright.


We shower with the water in the pila, we wash our dishes with the water in the pila, do our laundry, flush the dang toilet......... errythang. It’s kinda fun actually until you run out of water like we did this morning. that wasnt very fun. but the water from the street came this afternoon so yay we have water now!

hand washing laundry.............

Hey fun facts:

·Happy Anniversary parents!!
·I had divisions with the sister training leaders (where she goes out with other missionaries that aren’t her regular companion), and while I was in their area I saw two men with Blazers jerseys! (I thought my wonderful cousin Stephanie would appreciate that ;))

·I FOUND AN AMERICAN and of course he was super evangelical and really anti-mormon but it was suuuper fun to talk to him. nice guy. He’s been living here 12 years with his sons. Not a really good place to raise a family but hey, maybe he thinks so.

·There is a little boy in my ward who is literally the Latino version of little Quinton Dalling. Seriously they are the same, except this little guy has brown hair. He is so cute :D

·MY COMPANION WATCHES SCROOGE EVERY YEAR TOO!! so we sing the songs sometimes :D

We went to the Tegucigalpa temple this week and it was so beautiful. so peaceful. we went with our investigators and our zone. I LOVE MY ZONE!! They are so fun. On the way there (about a 45 minute bus ride) I and one of the office elders taught Elder Tapia Navas and Elder Camey, both latinos, some English tongue twisters. It was so fun. Our investigators that went to the temple, <L> and her children and her mom, all loved it. Oh also yesterday <L> recounted the ENTIRE story of Moroni coming to Joseph Smith and how the Book of Mormon came to be. She read it all on her own. She told it with more detail than I could. SHE IS SO PILAS I LOVE HER. I wish that she and <J> were married already so she could be baptized. she is going a little crazy right now because she wants to be baptized so badly but she can’t yet. but with time.

girl in striped shirt is 12 and she was baptized with the other hermanas before us in March, next to her is her grandma, and next to me is L  our suuuper pilas investigator

I went on divisions with the sister training leaders. I went with Hermana Carias, who actually took me out on my first morning here!! she is an amazing hermana. I love her so much. she taught me lots and renewed my fire. Hermana Groll and I have been a little down lately but we are super positive right now and just mainly working on trying to find people to teach who have really been prepared.
our friends (investigators)

I GAVE A TALK IN SACRAMENT. When did I find out about it? When I got to church. so it was scary. but I did it. I think I did okay. My President says that I am doing very well with my Spanish for how long I’ve been here. WELL THATS NOT GOOD ENOUGH but really I’ve gotten a lot better lately at speaking. But still lots of room to improve. my ward loves us.


Shoot no more time

I love you all

send me dear elders (there’s a website called that you can type in a letter and they send it for FREE)

love h.steele

me and President and hermana Hernandez on March 31st, the night I arrived in Honduras

the view from one of our windows

our first baptism

Honduras at night

our main room in the house

our kitchen and our mop


trying to kill the cockroach (see it by the pink cup heh heh)

the sun sets here are always GORGEOUS #pollution

this is me and Natalie and DAKOTAAAA I LOVE DAKOTAAAAAA my puppy

us and Ana and Yasin

us and Alexey


more Honduras


TEGUS TEMPLE so beautiful

so pretty. love it. it’s on a big hill

me and elder flores and elder brinkerhoff, they’re the greatest (CCM todavia)

hermana cole and I with our friends Hermana Richins and Hermana Terranova (ccm)

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