Monday, April 7, 2014

7S- Tegucigalpa Honduras! First area: Esperanza

I can’t figure out how to send pictures since the computer is in Spanish. Maybe later.

Well my trip here was good. I got here Monday night (Mar 30) and Tuesday morning I went walking around and teaching people with some sisters from a nearby area to the mission home.  Tuesday the other new missionaries got here.  I’m the only sister that doesn’t speak Spanish and there were 6 of us. One was from the states but she’s Mexican. I felt pretty dumb all day.  Still feel that way.

We had some training stuff and then Wednesday we went to the stake center and met with a bunch of missionaries for changes.  My companion’s name is Laryssa Groll from Virginia AND SHE SPEAKS ENGLISH haha I love Americans a lot right now. Her and I are the only (North) Americans around.  

Oh right my area. I am in... TEGUCIGALPA. Right in the city.  Literally I’m serving in my Mission President’s ward. His wife comes with us to teach sometimes, which is really cool, especially since I am kinda a bum companion right now since I can’t do anything. My area, stake, and ward are called Esperanza, which means hope. Which I need a lot of.  

It’s been really hard here the past week.  Hermana Groll and I opened a new area, which means we were both new to the area, not that there has never been missionaries here before.  Our house was a mess. It was disgusting.  We cleaned it today.

So you know how a missionaries first day, they’re always like "well, I thought that my first day with my trainer was going to be so easy, and we were gonna just chill and unpack and maybe walk around a bit, but NOOO we went right to work and I was so tired!!"

...well my first day was like that.  But in a bad way haha. We had a weird situation our first two days.  The hermana that had been in this area before has something wrong with her pelvis and can’t walk and had to go home. So we had to stay home with her all day Wednesday and Thursday morning. It sort of killed my spirit a bit. I was so happy when she left. And thennn we found out what a mess they had made of this area.

But it’s okay because we’re fixing it.  The members love us, even me (I hope), and there really are some wonderful people in the ward.  This is apparently a really hard area, so we will see what happens. I have faith that we can change peoples’ lives here. I really need to learn Spanish though.  Life is hard.

We actually have 4 baptismal dates.  A 12 year old girl named <A> was baptized a few weeks ago, and her parents are set for the first weekend of May, but first they have to get married. And <J> (the dad) needs to stop smoking. This will be an adventure for sure. Another is a 10 year old girl with an inactive mom who we are trying to get to come to church.  The last one is the mom <B.> of our friend <AS> (17years) who was also baptized a few weeks ago.  <B> had a dream that she told us where she saw Jesus, and <AS> was with him, and she was pleading with him to be forgiven of her sins. And then she woke up from the dream to <A> telling her the missionaries were on their way.  I am grateful to Heavenly Father for preparing <B> for us!!!

Its been really hard to start fresh in this area but were working on it.

We sing a lot. The kids especially love it.

My trainer is wonderful and she has so much patience with me.  I can understand the general idea of what is going on in Spanish but I get confused a lot. Like when <B> first started talking about her dream I thought she was saying she actually "saw" Jesus and I got really freaked out but then by my companion’s reaction and me finally remembering what "soñar" means I figured it out haha.

People laugh at me a lot. I feel like a little child.  Oh, and also everyone here thinks I look 15.  Which maybe I do.

Oops right. My house. Its like super nice for the area.  My area is HUUUUGEEE and it has lots of poor areas, but also a pretty wealthy area which is far away from where we live, so we haven’t worked there a lot yet. Apparently our house is the nicest missionary house in the mission.  Which is nice. We still have to clean more but it will look great. I’ll send pictures sometime.  And also by nice house.... I mean nice by Hondureño standards. I love it though.
I spent an hour and a half washing my clothes by hand today.  Im going to wash a little bit every day now cause that was awful.   My hands are really clean.

Mom and dad, Elder Ballard’s talk was awesome. It was about ‘Preach My Gospel’.  If you didn’t have the chance to hear it or didn’t really pay attention go listen to it AGAIN and get everyone a ‘Preach My Gospel’.  They are wonderful.  I was able to listen to the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning sessions in English, only.

Okay now mom and dad I’ll answer your questions.:
The Honduran Spanish is alright to understand.  I get the big picture of things.

I walk everywhere.  If it’s far away we take a taxi (like to the other side of our area, to <B's> house). Taxis are hard for us because we are two American women so they jack the price up way high. It’s dumb.

There are dogs everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And they aren’t as gross as I thought they would be.  Some are super cute.  And I want to pet them so bad. But I don’t, because they’re still gross.

I’m healthy! woo!

Some streets are dirt, but since I am in the city, most are paved or stones. THERE ARE SO MANY HILLS. so. many.

I have a working toilet and a shower. Two of each, actually. Only cold water though. Some areas I will have to shower in a bucket, but not yet!

I dont know about packages yet

We get whistled at a lot.

OH I ALMOST DIED YESTERDAY I almost got hit by one of those like mini semi trucks. It stopped 6 inches from me. It was really scary. Totally not my fault btw.
The driving here is crazy. Seriously I feel like Im going to die when I get in the car with Hermana Hernandez (mission presidents wife).

I became very acquainted with the word "peligroso" really quickly. I don’t like walking around at dark. We’re in by 8 every night but I wish it was sooner.

If there’s something you’re dying to know that I didn’t talk about then ask me and I’ll write about it in my next letter.


It’s hot here and I have lots of mosquito bites., but don’t worry:
i don’t think they carry anything.

love h.steele

Here are some photos from when she was still in Mexico. Unfortunately, as she said, no Honduras photos yet!

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