Monday, April 14, 2014

8S Colonia Esperanza, Tegus: Cucaracha count: 3

They’re like as big as the ones in the movies. The first two were in the shower... third on the mini fridge.


<L> She was living with her boyfriend <J> and her two children <A> (who was baptized by the previous hermanas in this area, shes 12) and <J> (he's 4 but he can’t talk). They were planning on getting married on May 3rd and baptized that night, if <J> could quit smoking. Well <J> did something really awful that I am not going to talk about. <L> and <A> still came to church yesterday, and after the service, told us that she was leaving <J> and taking the kids and they were going to wander around and find a place to live. She doesn’t have a phone right now so we are super worried about her. But I have faith that she is in the Lord's hands. She let us know that baptism is her priority right now. ay.

<B>. <B> is the mom of <A>, a 17 year old who was baptized in August. <B> is getting baptized THIS SATURDAY!! woo!! She is a silly woman. real small. real loud. She likes that I can’t understand everything and she likes to laugh at me, hahaha, man Latinos are blunt. I hear all the time "you're twenty?? NO LO CREO!!!" "what?! you look 15!!" and they also call each other fat if they are fat. I wish it was like this in the states. It’s fun. even though I don’t like getting called 15. Oh, <B>,  yeah she’s great. She has lots of faith. She had a LOT of doubts this last week but we helped resolve them. She was going off the other day about how she doesn’t think she will have time for the gospel after she is baptized so I bore a pretty strong testimony in Spanish about making time. Anyway, she's solid. She loved church this week.

We have others but those are the two with solid fechas (dates- for baptism). This week is Semana Santa and lots of people have school and work off and so there aren’t many people around. It will be interesting to see how the work goes this week.

The children love me and my companion because we sing to them and they just adore it. It’s so cute. There is this family of 5 children under 13 and the oldest brother is 18 (named <R>) that we met the other day. <R's> friend <C> was at the house (he is 24). we taught all of them about the restoration. They loved it. <C> actually went to the LDS church for 8 years. 8. YEARS. He went to SEMINARY. He went to DANCES. He believes Joseph Smith was a prophet. R8A734GQI3TzhE. He was never baptized because he couldn’t give up the things of the world. We are going to change that, dangit.

My trainer is great, my Spanish isn’t;  but it’s getting a little better. I mean I’ve only been here what a week and a half now or something. almost 2. I think. I’ve been here since the 1st. okay yeah I think that’s two weeks. What day is it? oh the 14th. yep 2 weeks. (I try to edit her writing,  but sometimes it’s just.too.much. lol)

Oh spiritual thought. Read Alma 7:11-16. But don’t just read it. Mark it. Mark in yellow what Christ did for us. Mark in orange why He did it. Mark in green what we must do. Mark in blue why we have to do it. Finally, mark in red our reward: eternal life. I did this the other day to help an alcoholic investigator we have (who sadly isn’t progressing. Pretty sure it’s because he’s drunk every time we teach him) but it ended up helping me waaaaayyy more. It will help you understand the Atonement and put into perspective what Christ did for us.

Sorry I cant send pictures still.
Be persistent and diligent always
2 Timothy 4:7

Love h.steele

ps my ADDREEEESSSSSSSS is the SIGNATURE to all my emails. write me something. you have no excuse. ;)

Here's some more info from a note she wrote me:
 I live in the colonia Esperanza. I dont have an address.  I live next to a mechanic. There is a Chinese restaurant across from this internet cafe. OH. I live down the street from a big TIGO building. Its the major cell phone company here or something.  And yeah I was right by that Dunkin Donuts today (the one by the Honduran President's house- she lives near it). We went to Wendys to get frostys and read our letters. I got two of yours, the one with the pictures and the one with the letters from Chase and Josh. I also got a letter from Chase :D 

Yep, its Semana Santa.  Weve seen two weird parade things so far with people singing and dressed in funny clothes waving plants. There is hardly anyone in the streets. it will be interesting to see how it affects our work this week. I have a feeling no one is going to be home.

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