Monday, April 21, 2014

9S: C. Esperanza, Tegus: Gringas

Cucaracha count: 5
Chased down the street by a drunk man count: 1

Okay first mom’s questions....
Food: We don’t get fed by members. which makes me sad, but my companion (a gringa, remember haha) has introduced me to a few different things. We eat a lot of eggs potatoes and beans. One of my favorite things to eat (/drink) is a drink with avena. It’s like this oat stuff. You just put it in a cup with cold water and sugar. It’s delicious. We also eat a lot of rice with milk and cinnamon (canela). Our ward mission leader I think is going to work on getting dinner with members so we can try new things, because we eat the same things all the time and I haven’t been exposed to many new foods. Lots of new fruits though!!! Green mangoes (you put chile, lime, and a chicken bullion cube on them after you peel and cut them, its goooood), siduelas (no idea how to spell that but the Spanish spell check says that’s right) and mora. MOOORA. MORA. It’s so GOOD. It’s like a mix between a strawberry and a raspberry. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t. I eat it. ahhh.

Housing: (I thought I already talked about this. mom.) We live in a dang nice house for Honduras. It has orange tile floors, I think they’re clay. We have a pila (font) that we fill up when we get water from the street every few days, and we use that water to wash our hands and clothes. We have running water too, but the water from the calle (street) we don’t have to pay for. So that's nice. We don’t have a kitchen. We have a room with a sink and a table with a portable stove on it. and a microwave. But yeah, we live in a really nice house for Honduras. None of the other houses I live in are going to be like this, says my companion. We’re lucky right now. Our showers are freezing but at least we have running water.

I meet with my zone every Thursday in a chapel just outside my area. My district is actually us, the office elders, and the AP (assistants to the president) elders. Kinda cool. I’ve only met the AP’s once though haha. and the office elders (and APs) don’t come to zone meetings, so we just hang out with the other district the whole time. They’re really cool. There’s 5 (north) Americans in our zone of 14.

Pday (“preparation day” like a day to do errands/chores/email/fun stuff).... well our Pdays are really boring. There’s nothing really to do in our area. I’m enjoying relaxing but I want to do something interesting. D:

Investigators! OH MY GOSH. So. Follow your promptings. We were on our way to an appointment on the 14th and I saw a street that I swear I had never seen before. I was like "Hermana, when did that street get there? We’ve never gone down it, we have to tomorrow." So we did. We went down the street and saw some jovenes (youth) playing in a pool. We said hi. They invited us in. We taught their family the gospel of Christ. They loved it, but no one soaked up as much as <Ja>, the 17 year old son. We visited him again Saturday and taught him the Restoration. He loved it. He’s getting baptized on the 10th, if everything goes well. We went yesterday and taught him the Plan of Salvation. Before we started, we asked why it was important to be baptized into our church. He’s like "well it’s because it is the church of Christ and it has the authority of God" BOOM. HE IS SO PILAS. and then he understood everything we taught him. I can’t even describe how awesome this kid is. how humble. how ready for the gospel. On Saturday he was joking about there being food at his baptism. My companion picked up on it and asked if they had anything to eat. He said no. We went and bought the family eggs, beans and flour to make tortillas. They were very grateful.

Our area is interesting. We live in not too poor of an area, but up the hill (SO MANY HILLS), is an area with some pretty extreme poverty. And then down the street a while the other way is a super well-off neighborhood called Las Lomas. So right now I’m seeing all types of people. But remember, I am right in the city, so there’s houses everywhere. No pretty mountains yet. Maybe when I serve in the South.

<L> and <J> got back together and hopefully will be married on the 10th and baptized the same day if <J> can quit smoking. He has gone for 3 days!!!

We brought an investigator, Freddi, to church, but he was drunk. He made great friends with our mission president though. it. was. wonderful. just. wonderful. our. mission. president. our. drunk. investigator. aiwuealiwebaweag;kwe3jn;

We’re going to the temple Thursday with our investigators. So we obviously can’t go inside but at least I, and they, will get to see it!!!!!

<B's> baptism was postponed to this Saturday because she drank coffee dangit. But she is super pilas. So is <L>. They are so ready for baptism.

Latinos are fun :)

I still can’t believe my companion and I were chased down the street by a drunk man. Well I guess I can. It was only a matter of time. Don’t worry he was super slow so we just walked really fast. But he wanted to embrace us. AHH SO NASTY.  I may have been yelling my frustrations in English as we ran away. . But it’s okay because no one could understand me. There is also a mute man around who literally drops everything he’s doing when we walk by and he just stares. WHY DO I HAVE TO BE WHITE

I am really lucky right now. Sometimes I eat dinner at the mission president’s house if Hermana Hernandez (his wife) goes to appointments with us. How cool to have this relationship with the mission president the first weeks of my mission!!! Although they go home and we get a new president right after I’ll leave this area, of course lol

Here is my Easter message:
Share it. Happy Easter. I love you all.

I hit 2 months this past Saturday!

love, h.steele

sorry no pictures yet
WRITE ME. dear elders work too!!

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