Sunday, March 30, 2014

6th week, more or less... Last email before leaving Mexico

Real quick email. 

 Thank you Barb Dalling for your card and Dennis for your dearelder! Thank you also to Natalie, Becca, and Kirsten too, I got your dear elders as well :) thank you!!!
I leave the CCM at 5:30 am on Monday for the airport. Flight leaves at 10:30

Funny thing that happened, Elder Backus was talking about the Atonement in Spanish.  All of a sudden he said something like "nosotros podemos llegar a ser limpio por medio de el Atonement. Atonement.  ...El Atonement?? ......LA EXPIACION!!" hahaha it was hilarious.  Spanish, guys. (hard to get if you don't know Spanish I suppose! :) ~mom)

Today Elder Flores said "I just dont need anything else besides this gospel." And I could not agree more.  This gospel is all I need.  I could lose everything and still be happy through this gospel.  

I LOVE MY TEACHERS!! They have been so incredible!!!

Cant wait to get to Honduras. Talk to you later, I gotta go find out how to say "I'm lost" in Spanish.

love, h.steele 

pictures: there's a picture of me and H Cole and our wonderful teachers and also a picture of me and the two Latino elders that always ask for my CD and also one in front of the CCM sign

I got a cool hymn book cover

Queridos misioneros del distrito 12A:
I hope you are doing well and "HAPPY" in your mission field! I send you the pictures of your good district 12A.
Remember to love and serve all the people in every opportunity. Invite everyone to come to Christ. Do your best and leave the Lord the rest!
Les quiero mucho y oro por ustedes todos los días. Que el Señor les bendiga siempre a ustedes y a sus familias.
With Love,
Pres. Machado

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