Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2º Semana: CCM de México

Me and a Bus

I got kicked out...

...of my house


Also I thought having 31 new emails last week was a lot, but this week I have 39. Soooooo, I love that yall love me.

No joke its been an emotional 24 hours.  Ummm, first I’ll start with the kicked out thing because that probably scared you a little bit (mom jaja). Well here we were relaxing this afternoon on pday when we get a knock at the door telling us we had to move to another house.


So that was really frustrating. Our roommates weren’t even home to tell. So complain, complain, and then were like, LET’S GET THIS DONE AS FAST AS WE CAN! WOO! THIS IS GREAT! So much sass. um. so. We go to move into the room were supposed to live in and there's already people living there. AND the lady at the reception desk doesn’t speak English. so she had no freaking clue what we were saying. And I don’t speak Spanish. Sooooo we're confused. We found our roommates and then got more confused. And even when we found someone who spoke English, WE ARE ALL CONFUSED. idk.  I think they forgot that Hermana Cole and I had roommates.

my district
Our housing thing is really messed up. I think we’re moving because of maintenance on the house or something. But I don’t know because I can’t speak Spanish. so. I hope that we still get to live with our roommates (Hermana Braithwaite and Hermana Simmons) because we get along and I love them. um. But really I have no idea what’s going on. so. Hopefully I have like somewhere to sleep tonight. ya know. So that was really stressful, but moving past that... (ha. moving)
My companion and OUR INCREDIBLE ROOMMATES who will hopefully still be our roommates when this dumb moving mess is over with.

Last night turned into something very amazing. Our district worked through some stuff after a misunderstanding and we became so much closer. We realized that you can't kneel down at night and tell your Savior you love Him if you cannot first turn to your neighbor and say I love you to him. We talked about how we have the potential to be the best dang district here. And so that is our new goal.

I had the idea that for P day today, we needed to all let it out by playing volleyball in the sand court. So, at 10 am today, we all went over there and played for an hour. It was the best. the. best. It was the icing on the cake and our district is so tight. I love every single one of these people. I love them so much!!!

My district playing beach volleyball this morning. It was so much fun. Literally it was the funnest thing that I’ve done here so far.

my companions birthday was yesterday! most of the elders from our district were outside our house early in the morning to sing happy birthday to her. it was so sweet of them.

So throughout the week I take notes on what I want to put in this email. So I’m staring Going through my notes now so the next part is gonna be scattered.

*I decided that when I am in the field that I will never be the companion that is being pushed. I will always be the one pushing.  Now I know this is unrealistic. I will not always act my best. BUT I WILL TRY TO!! That is my goal. I will always try to be the best I can be.  My mission goal is to always BE MY BEST SELF. Be the best Elizabeth Steele that Elizabeth Steele can be. I talked about that in our district discussion last night.  How we need to all try to be our best selves.
*It took me an hour and a half to read Alma chapter 1 in both Spanish and English.
*I got sunburned today from volleyball.
*Spanglish is a real freaking language and right now its my favorite one.
*There was some really cool lightning last night!!!!!!!!!! so cool. It was like purple from the pollution.
*I hit a tennis ball with the racket in gym the other day as hard as I could just for fun and of course it went straight for my companions butt.  It must had hurt a lot AND I STILL FEEL BAD!!! It was like Wednesday or Thursday or something I don’t remember.
*I hit my head really hard two days ago. It still hurts. I’m on the bottom bunk. I think I was sort of sleepwalking (apparently I do this, says my roommates) but I woke up when I sat up in bed and when I hit my head against the metal frame of the bed, I saw a flash of white. Which an elder in my district told me the next day that means that my brain hit the side of my skull. so that’s kinda freaky. I had a big bump. but I’m fine. so...
*It’s a constant party in Mexico. especially on Sundays. There is always Mexican and American dance music blasting from outside the walls of the CCM when we have church.  It’s really distracting, hahaha. But I bore my testimony on Sunday IN SPANISH!! and everyone said my Spanish was awesome!!! yay!!

HEY EVERYONE dearelder.com WORKS FOR THE MEXICO MTC. go on the site and you can select mexico mtc and type a letter and then they will print it out and give it to me. DO IT!!!
I love you all and I will talk to you next week!!!!
A view from the top of a building

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