Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5º Semana: CCM de México - Earthquake sirens…

My beautiful friend Hermana Thatcher who left for her mission in Osorno Chile last night.

Earthquake sirens…

...and we all had to leave the classrooms and go outside to the little earthquake safety zones (I think this was last Wednesday).  I was excited. But of course, no earthquake.  The sirens actually went off again about 10 minutes ago too. But again were fine. 

Roommate selfies this morning

So if you remember from my last letter, I sang a solo for the entire MTC last Tuesday.  I think right now there are only about 400 missionaries here and staff (summer it will be up to 1200!). It went really well and even today at lunch (a week later!!) I had someone tell me that I did an amazing job. 
 I am thankful for this talent that the Lord has blessed me with, and I am so thankful for this opportunity to share it with others! Each week, two zones are in the choir and they sing.  That’s why I sung last week, it was my zones turn, and Hermana Jewell (choir director) gave me a nice solo.  Anyway so Sunday night all of a sudden I’m approached by an elder in another zone, a zone that is singing tonight at the devotional, and told (not asked!!) that I was singing with them at the devotional on Tuesday (now tonight) since they needed more women and everyone volunteered me.  So I’m singing again tonight.  
Elder Rodriguez left for his Mexico mission last week
So when we went outside for that earthquake thing, I met the Latino Elders that had gotten to the MTC last Tuesday just in time to hear me sing at the devotional.  Annnnd they asked me for my CD.  En serio jaja. I died laughing.  I was like "no! no tengo un CD!!" and they still bug me every single time they see me for my CD haha.  It’s so funny.  

Oh, Thursday I woke up with a migraine. So that was awful. I was out all day. I kept going back to class but my teachers kept sending me home.  So Hermana Cole and I chilled at home.  I slept a lot that day.
Picture with friends in the cafeteria

I guess this week wasn’t toooooo eventful.  The last district in our zone left so we are all alone right now.  A new district is coming in on Wednesday though.  Hermana Cole and I do not get to be sister trainer leaders since were leaving in a week, and I’m pretty sad about that.  But maybe in the mission field!!

The second week I was here, I remember my friend Hermana Thatcher saying that this mission is not the best year and a half of our lives, but the best FOR our lives.  It’s so true. I know that I will have many more amazing years of my life once I get home.  But I know that these will bless my life more than anything else I will do.  I am here to live up to my potential and grow into someone I didn’t know I could be. BOOM. I have so much potential that I need to grasp and I know that this is going to help me with that.  I am going to work my absolute hardest.  Why not? Im here anyway, you know.  Why would I not be the best missionary I can be.  I hope to always apply that to my life when I come home, too.  Wherever I am, I hope that I will always do my best and live up to my full potential in that moment.  I want my life to matter!

My awesome hermana friends Hermana Richins and Hermana Terranova (with Hermana Simmons in the backgroud, my roommmate)
I love my district.  Really, they are all great.  You really get to know people when you spend all day with them. Hermana Cole is so nice to everyone and has lots of love to give. Elder Okazaki seems to always think and care for others before himself, he loves to share life lessons with us.  Elder Turnbull has amazing Spanish (and singing voice) and works so hard all the time.  Elder Flores always has a huge smile on his face and a laugh that can cure anything and he brightens up everyones day.  Elder Brinkerhoff has a very smart mind, powerful testimony, and he is a leader. Elder Wood has so many cool stories to tell and he has a great testimony of this church.  Elder Gustin is a wonderful district leader and when he shares spiritual thoughts with us, I can tell he is completely led by the spirit and he says some powerful words. Elder Backus is strong in every way and his humor helps me get through the day. Elder Dessauer has an amazing spirit about him and I know he will go far in his mission.  Everyone in my district is being led by the spirit.  You know, I look at the things I wrote for each of them and I feel like they all apply to each individual as well. They are all SO INCREDIBLE.  Without even one of them, I don’t think my time here would have felt complete. As I move into this last week in the CCM in Mexico, I hope to work hard and learn as much as I can.  These incredible people have helped me through it and I am so sad that I will not have the chance to serve with any of them in Honduras.  Hopefully I will see them all again someday. They have changed my perspective, my life, and my testimony, all for the better.

I might be emailing on Monday next week, since I am leaving Mexico either Monday or Tuesday. This last week is going to be incredible. I miss you all. KEEP ME UPDATED ON YOUR LIFE!!

I love you all so much!
love, h.steele

There was no earthquake and I was sad. I sang for the entire MTC last Tuesday and people loved it and some Latino Elders keep asking me for "my CD." This mission is going to bless my life so much.  It will be the best year and a half FOR my life.  I hope that I can live up to my full potential as a missionary here and then live up to my full potential the rest of my life. I LOVE MY DISTRICT.
My roommates H.Simmons and H.Braithwaite - h simmons dad sent us DONUTS!!!

***************I’m headin out...*****************
I leave the CCM Monday morning.  I might not get to email at all.  If I was leaving Tuesday then I could email on Monday night during our language computer program.  We don’t have that Sunday so I don’t think I will be able to email next week, we will see if they let me on Saturday night or when I get to Honduras. 
My flight leaves the Mexico airport at 10:36 and flies to an airport in San Pedro Sula in Honduras, then I have a three and a half hour layover there (WHAT AM I GOING TO DO) and then I will arrive in Tegucigalpa at 5:35 pm on Monday.  My first flight is 2.5 hours and my second is only 50 minutes!

I am really sad I’m leaving Monday.  Elder Turnbull and I are the only ones.  He is going back to the states and well you know where I’m going.  My ENTIRE DISTRICT except for us is not leaving until Tuesday morning and they are all on the SAME FLIGHT.  I’m really sad about this.  I almost started crying when I got my travel info. But..... está bien. whatever haha. SUCH SADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Pray that I don’t get lost or miss my flights
or that my luggage is overweight
or I GET LOST because I can’t speak Spanish
SUCH WORRY. estoy preocupada.
pic from mom :)
Well I will talk to you soon! Not sure when! WOO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHASE!!

love h steele

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