Sunday, May 25, 2014

12s Esperanza

May 12th

Um I didn’t take notes this week on what to write. So. My zone is having some big changes this Wednesday but Im staying here of course. This next change is President and Hermana Hernandez´s LAST CHANGE!!! D: I love them. Im super sad. But still 6 more weeks, and then I will probably still be in Esperanza so my companion and I will have the awesome opportunity to get to know them first. We will see what happens.

BAPTISM! We baptized Maritza, a lady who has gone to church for 4 years, not joking. Her boyfriend left and all of a sudden she wanted to be baptized so we made it happen. People are saying miracles are happening in our ward. Love it.

We met Diana and Sharon this week; two sisters who live together with Diana´s 2 year old son too. They already agreed to be baptized after our first lesson. They love us and we love them and I feel so at home when I go to their house. They are WONDERFUL and so happy and welcoming.
<J>HAS GONE SINCE THE 1ST OF MAY WITHOUT SMOKING OR DRINKING. THIS IS HUGE. this is un milagro. Him and <L>are scheduled to be baptized on the 31st of May(Diana and Sharon, too) one week after their wedding if we can get the dang papers in order haha.

We made tortillas with a lady the other day and it was so fun.

We are working on visiting inactive members of our ward and most of the time after we visit them, they come to church and stay. we have had 3 like that so far :)

People are so open here. they tell you how it is, until you ask them to come to church. mentiras. why can’t they just tell us how it is then too?

Happy Mothers Day, skyping my fam was awesome.

Love you all,


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