Sunday, August 10, 2014

20s baseball

Our zone played baseball this morning. It was so fun. The teams tied 15-15. We played 5 innings. I had some really good hits and runs and catches and falls and getting people out is fun. Baseball :D We really enjoyed ourselves this morning, thats for sure. We also played with this man from this video:
It was so cool to get to know him. I saw this video in the CCM in Mexico and was like to everyone THATS MY MISSION!!! IM GOING THERE!!!!! Well little did I know I would run into the guy :P Hes really short. Man baseball is fun. It was especially fun to teach the Latinos how to play and watch them succeed and love the game :D dont worry we sang lots of American songs. Im still sad I missed the 4th btw.

THE WORLD CUP ENDED HALELUJAH. Now people will be in the streets again. We can find more people to teach. Its gonna be so much nicer. Also my ward mission leader was going for Alemania (Germany) and he kept doing the Hitler sign. it was super chistoso. So now when he sees me he says Hermana Steele! and does the sign. Oh Dani.

My comp is still sick. The nurse thinks she has parasites hahaha wonderful. The nurse gave her something called The Bomb to get rid of them. oh dang haha. She could get really sick from it. We will see what happens...........

I dont have much to talk about this week. It was a pretty normal week.

Franklin is doing alright. He wanted to talk to us the other day which always makes missionaries nervous. He has a problem with his parents. He says they need to change before he thinks he can make a change in himself. He told us he just couldnt change because of their bad example and he didnt want to meet with us anymore because he wasnt going to do anything. Well we shared looots of life experiences with him, and he finally said he will keep meeting with us and he will keep trying to change and to learn from their example. AHhhhharhgaiew. I know he can do it. We just need patience. 


As I frequently tell people, nunca estoy tranquila.
But Im working on it. 

We had a really funny moment the other day in a lesson. We started teaching the brother of a member and this guy, Roberto, is super funny, expressive, and isnt really serious. Hes a really cool guy. He loves to say that people are the church of Christ.<somos la iglesia hermanas!!>. NOOO ROBERTO. NO SOMOS LA IGLESIA. TIENE QUE IR A UN EDIFICIO. He kept saying it and kept saying it and finally I said (rather loudly and expressively but it was so funny and it fit with his personality so he took it well) <HERMANO. SI SOMOS LA IGLESIA... SI SOY LA IGLESIA, SOY UN PROFETA. Y, DOCE APOSTOLES, Y TENGO AUTORIDAD PARA HACER CUALQUIER COSA EN EL NOMBRE DE DIOS, Y PUEDO BAUTIZAR MI MISMO!> or in English, <if we are the church... If I am the church,  I am a prophet, 12 apostles, I have authority to do whatever thing I want in the name of God, and I can baptize myself.> I asked him, <Hermano, can you baptize yourself??> I promise you it was so hilarious. He still didnt get it but it was a nice realease to say all that hahahahaha well see him again tomorrow. 

L and J are the couple that were baptized with Hermana Groll and I. J went back to smoking and drinking. Its really interesting to see how someone can be so high and so strong and fall so fast. So fast. Dont worry, L and A her daughter are still super pilas and todavía están perseverando. I love them. We had a noche de hogar (family home evening) with them last night, just those two, and it was really wonderful. I know that L will endure whatever challenge the Lord throws at her. We just need to get J back on his feet. 

I love you all! So much happens and I never have time to remember or write it all. Cant wait to tell stories when I come home. 

with love, 
hermanita steele

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