Monday, August 11, 2014

23s Transfer to Choluteca and Senior Comp

the Trainer with the best Trainee

Yay!!! I am training Hermana Gutierrez from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. I am sad because one day she will leave the mission, she is waiting here for her Visa to Brazil. But for right now I have the opportunity to get to know her. She didnt even go to an MTC!! Straight into the field!! She will go to the Brazil MTC after her Visa comes. 

I am finishing her training, which means she has been here for a change already and her trainer got transferred. It's really sad what happened. Her trainer didnt teach her anything, didnt hardly let her do anything in the lessons, she always made it so they were out really late, and her trainer never talked to her and she always called other missionaries and talked to them all night. My sweet little hermana Gutierrez had a miserable time. Were basically starting everything over. There are two sets of hermanas in my ward and everyone was like asking for the other one that left and no one even mentioned the companion of hna Gutierrez. Really sad. Thats why I got put as her trainer. Hna Groll (remember she was MY trainer and now is a AP Hermana) both got transferred from Teguc to the same zone in the south!! so i see that beautiful woman all the time! yay!!  The new president only picks the best of the best to train. I heard this and was really honored. I will sure miss being in President's ward. Oh thats another thing. IM IN THE SOUTH.

The South is HOT. I am in Choluteca, the second hottest place in Honduras. Ive never sweated so much. It's real beautiful. My last area in Tegucigalpa... well i won't go into that. But HERE. It is beautiful. TREES!!! ANIMAAAAALS!!! I have tried twice to catch sapos (frogs) but man they just get away from me. Dont worry one day I will send a picture. Im gonna catch one. hehe hna gutierrez thinks im crazy. it's alright. it has been raining a lot here lately so i taught hna gutierrez the word <puddle> and im laughing out loud right now just thinking about her saying it. its so hilarious. she is so funny.

This is the happiest I have been in the mission. Now I know why all the missionaries in the city who came from the south wanted to go back. Yeah, it's hot here and everyone calls it hell in that aspect, but the people are wonderful. Sooo different than the people in the city. My ward here has a new bishop (solo tiene 2 meses!!!) and so the ward has LIFE. This really is a special place. Oh my area is called San Luis B, in la zona Porvenir.

It's different being the senior companion and I like it. TIMES UP GOTTA GO BUT LOVE YOU ALL.

I'll send pictures another day, this computer has windows 8 and Im confused. 

love, hermanita steele 

...or hermana estilo (estilo means style. when calling me this, please pop your collar and strut like a model. like everyone does.)
or Max Steel
or hermana acero

people like to call me those things here
I dont even know who max steel is 
neither do they
they just know he exists
and so i am max steel
Sunset over the Choluteca Bridge: From

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