Monday, September 1, 2014

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WE WENT TO TEGUC! Not as exciting as I was hoping it to be. Teguc is a 3.5 hour bus ride from here in Cholu. Hna Gutierrez and I went because she needed to do some paperwork for her Brazil Visa at the Brazil Embassy. So we went in the morning, did the papers, and came back in the night time. I was hoping something would go wrong so we could stay the night in my old area Esperanza, but everything went perfect so dangit and we came back :P Hna Gutierrez is leaving the 8th, 9th, or 10th, so well be going to Teguc real soon again. Ill miss her D: 

How is it SEPTEMBER already? 

We are finally finding people to teach in our area who want to listen and who will progress. It feels so good to be teaching again. We are teaching two really great families right now. Moises and Erica, and Samuel and Maritza are the couples names. Sam and Maritza have a daughter who is 11 who has been going to church for months by herself, but when I came to the area hna Gutierrez said that she isnt baptized because the dad wouldnt give permission. But. I wanted to go to visit the parents and talk to them about this nonsense and the dad starts telling us that the mom has wanted to go to church for months with us. and he wants to too, but not yet. but they both want to get baptized too. and so Im a little confused but happy. :D Moises and Erica are interesting. Theyre abeautiful couple. She just had a baby. Moises literally stopped in the middle of the street on his motorcycle and looked at us and said HEY! When are you going to visit me at my house??? What had happened is we were visiting a member who doesnt go to church some days before, and I was sitting by the door, and a man walked by while we were singing, and I felt like waving. So I waved to this random guy while singing, and now he wants us to teach him. So we found his house and went a few days later. Erica has tons of questions. Im excited about these families. 

We had a really fun zone activity today. We got soaked and I got an egg to the head. Also we had a slip and slide with lots of slippery soap. Water balloons. Bobbing for apples. Flour. HUEVOS!! Im sunburned. Im happy. Today was fun.

Last Monday night the lights went out in Choluteca for a few hours at night. The sky was real pretty. The problem was we couldnt visit anyone. It went out in the middle of our first P day appointment at 6 pm, and so we couldnt leave for our other appointments because its crazy dangerous when the lights go out. We got home because the bishop`came in his car and took us home.

the night that the lights went out. THANKS DAD for that awesome flashlight lantern :D 

We also dont have water in our apartment. The little bit of water we have has things growing in it. By things I mean larvae of some kind. Mosquitoes maybe. All I know is there are things swimming. So. We cant use it. Hna Gutierrez says the water usually leaves for 2 weeks. Awesome! 

pure beauty of hermana gutierrez and I this morning. yeah.

I love everything. Especially dripping sweat all day. haha. oh Choluteca. 

Most of all, I especially love my Savior and Redeemer. I love Jesus Christ. 

Asì es mi vida. 

hermanita steele
ps.. guess what!! I get to sing with the sobrino of Donny Osmond. Elder Jameson Osmond is my zone leader. We are singing at the multi zone conference next week for ELDER DUNCAN OF THE 70.  yep im cool.

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