Sunday, November 2, 2014

27s Teguc, otra vez

From September 8th

a nice spot in our area
No time, going to TEGUC again. My companion is leaving for Brazil tomorrow. Im going to be companions with Hermana Moran from El Salvador. Shes really awesome and Im super excited. She has been with a mini missionary this change so the mini is going home and we are going to share our two areas (we are in the same ward). Im a little stressed out about that but its only for one week until changes!!!

​I love this gospel. I love talking to everyone. I love my companion Hermana Gutierrez and I AM SO SAD SHE IS LEAVING LITERALLY SHE IS LIKE THE BEST PERSON EVER. But the people in Brazil need her more than I do, I just keep telling myself. 

Boom. Yeah. Idk what else to say. Man I am nooot looking forward to the bus ride to the city. Last time I did noooootttt feel well. Im hungry. 

We were super pumped one day because President has challenged us to talk to 40 new people about the gospel ​every day. And we were like WERE DOING THIS AND ITS GONNA BE AWESOME. And it was. Until we got to number 22. And I got a migraine. So we went home. And I was sad. So that was a bummer. We havent had time to try that with full force again but ITS GONNA HAPPEN!! Also our zone is doing something cool where we are trying to have 10 new investigators every week with 10 new desafios too. So were trying that out too. But now lifes gonna get a little crazy with sharing an area. ah. ah no. stress. boom. too many people. so much walking. 


I know this is the only church that Christ is directing on this earth. 

sorry no time. 
hermanita steele 

the San Luis hermanas! my new comp is the one on the end. the two middle ones are gone nowwww D:

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