Saturday, November 29, 2014

35s a long semi dramatic account of my week

Just writing in the same room as both the Assistants to the President and the Sister Training Leaders, no big deal, no pressure. At least they're all like my best friends hahaha :P I love my life
I'll do a day by day this week for the first time because this week was SO CRAZY AWESOME. Be prepared for a long semi dramatic account of my week hahahahaha

Monday: P day. P day in this case stands for not only preperation but panic. Changes. Wednesday. It was all I could think about. The Assistents were supposed to call in the night time. I was so nervous. For some reason I felt like I was leaving and I DIDNT WANT TO. We wait all day. 6 pm comes we go work. We go with Moises and Erica and invite them to the temple and they're like YEAH and ERICA TOLD US SHE WOULD THINK ABOUT GETTING MARRIED!!! We finally convinced her to look at reality and look how happy Moises and her are, and helloooo youre not gonna get divorced. 8pm comes and goes. All of a sudden it was 10:29 and I was like NOOO THEY DIDN'T CALL. So. Went to bed. COULDNT SLEEP. Literally woke up every hour. 

Tuesday: Wake up. Cant focus to excersize. Barely get through studying. So nervous. Dont wanna leave. We leave at 10. Go work in the other area were taking care of. Contact a pilas reference and challenge her to baptism and she says yes. After the lesson, couldnt focus. Went to lunch at 12. Staring at the phone the whole time. What. Why havent the zone leaders called.1pm and we leave lunch and get to work. Still cant focus but were teaching some lessons. At 230. BOOM. THE CALL. 
¨no se preocupe hermanas no tienen cambios¨

YAY I DONT HAVE CHANGES THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. But wait it gets better. So we go work. I'm happy. TONS of miracles right after the call. Like boom Armando has actually done something and gotten his mission papers in. Just lots of awesome miracles we saw. New investigators. Im loving it. 

Wednesday: day of Changes. I call my friend Hermana Woods who is in the north of the mission. It went like this: steele: GIRL DO YOU HAVE CHANGES?? woods: YES! All I know is Im leaving the city! s: AHHHH I hope you come to the south!!!! Ive been in two areas this change and theyre gonna put hermanas in the other area finally and Im soooo praying your coming here w: AHH I want to so bad!! I want to come to the south to work with you that would be awesome!!!!!!!! steele: Well hey call me after changes and tell me where youre going!
Study. Leave at 10. go help our investigator wash her clothes. phone rings. Its the Zone Leaders. Oh theyre probably calling about how we need to clean the other house today. I answer Buenos dias habla Hermana Steele como esta Elder Torres? Elder Torres: jaja whats up hermanita, HERMANA STEELE. Ustedes van a recibir HERMANA WOODS EN SAN LUIS A!!!! me: no. Elder. No me miente. en serio. mentira. Torres: SI HERMANA STEELE!!! HERMANA WOODS VIENE!!!!!!! 

I GOT HERMANA WOODS!!!!!! I love her. so much. She came one change after me and we bonded just like that. best friends. She came to changes when I left for the south just to say bye to me. Ive missed her and Im sooo happy shes here!!!:D:D:DD
BUT NOT ONLY THAT. Hermana Garcia came to our zone too. She came here the same change as I did :D BUT NOT ONLY THAT. President is SOOO inspired. Here in the South the mission is known for more disobedience because its SOO far away from the Assistents to the President and President and the Office. BUT LOOK WHAT OUR PRESIDENT DOES :D he called two MORE assistents and sticks them in my zone, two assistents just for here in the South. So now we have 4 assistents to the president. THE BEST PART IS ITS ELDER CAMEY. My super best friend hahaha. When I came to the mission he was training Elder Tapia another great friend of mine and since Elder Camey speaks English (from Guate) we could communicate haha. And he was called to be assistant when he only had 6 months in the mission. And now after 6 more months of being assistant he is still assistant here in the south and Im just chillin down here with all my best mission friends workin hard and loving everything. 

Thursday was a normal day, rained a lot, went on divisions to show around Hermana Woods and Hermana Torres their new area. 

Friday: MOISES BIRTHDAY. Magic of cake. WOooooO!O!OO!O!O!!!! So. We bought him a cake. He works during the day and so we went to plan his birthday suprise with Erica, who of course forgot his birthday completely hahaha. But we surpised him that night with the cake and threw balloons at him. He was so happy. Hes never celebrated his birthday before. He was exctatic. (how do you spell that). So we ate cake for a bit and it was delicious, and then we settled down for the lesson. We talked about temples and eternal marriage and the importance of it. ERICA. SHE HAS FINALLY OPENED UP. Erica is totally up for marriage now. Not ready for baptism, but MOISES ACCEPTED A BAPTISMAL DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOISES. THE MOISES. WHAT. WHAT. SO MANY MIRACLES. I love everything. I love this family. Problem is satan is attacking them. They couldnt go to church because what happened? Not only did Moises get the freaking dengue but his grandma died. Man. Im so frustrated. But still we are making ourselves PILAS and working soo hard to get them progressing more.

Litterally after the opening prayer that I offered of the lesson with them on Friday, Erica said immediately: What is this peace I feel? Is it from the cake? I WANTED TO JUMP AND CRY AND HUG HER. But I didnt and we explained what the Spirit was and aweuhtaliweugauh3wer wow. Its amazing how the spirit has worked through them. I never want to leave San Luis man. 

Saturday was a normal day, more new investigators, great lessons, so on and so on. 

Sunday. Hermana Renterias birthday! We ate cake. Sunday morning was good, we had 6 investigators walking with us to church, we even had to do divisions with members in the morning to get them there. AND So I was directing the hymns and feeling a little sad that Moises and Erica couldnt come and that Ana and Nelson and Nelsons nephew named Nelson (20 years old, were helping him quit smoking and stop hanging out in the street and be baptized) were in teguciglapa and couldnt come. BUT MIRACLES. As im up there in the stand THEY WALKED IN. Nelsoncitos first time in church. I totally cried up there hahaha not a lot just a little. It was awesome. Were being so blessed right now and I am so thankful. poco a poco. One negative thing this week is that often our really positive investigators MOVE. STOP. MOVING. JUST. STAY. WHERE. YOU. ARE. But yeah. Everything happenes for a reason. Counting dats was nice, had some awesome dats again and 11 new investigators this week and 12 baptismal challenges. The Lord is blessing us. Im happy. So happy Im here in San Luis.

love, hermanita steele

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