Saturday, November 29, 2014

36s the week where everything went right and then everything went wrong

From November 10th

Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday? PILAS HOMBRE. Tons of lessons. New investigators. District leader being like What Hermana were those really your real dats? Yes Elder. Yes you betcha. You know it. And then Thursday? Friday? Saturday? Sunday? Man I dont know what happened but EVERYTHING went wrong. But you know what, thats just how the mission is, and Im over it. Out of my control. Nothin I can do, I did allllll I could to make it better. Man. We got to go to the beach this morning and it was AMAZING and so Im all relaxed and good now. Life is okay. Everything happens for a reason. Ill send my beach pictures next week :D I LOVE THE PLAYA

One of the things that went wrong is Moises and Erica. Moises did something, we dont know what, and made Erica mad and so now she doesnt want to be married anymore. DANGIT WOMAN WE WORKED SO HARD ON YOU! She was also just accepting the idea of baptism. But now not a chance, she says. But we will see how the Spirit will work through her these next couple weeks. 

Basically, to sum up the week, Satan is attacking everyone were teaching and its really frustrating. But it will all turn out alright. I know it will. The Assistants told me this is my last change in my area todayso I have until December 10 to kill it over here. And you better believe were killin it. The baptims may not be coming right now. But I know that we are working our hardest and the best we can. President told me that I was one of his hardest working missionaries in the mission and that just fires me up even more. 

Well I dont have much else to say. Ill send pics next week. love you all bye!

hermanita steele

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