Saturday, November 29, 2014

37s hiii

From November 17th

i dont feel like writing anything today haha ill just say my comp was  sick  so we stayed in the house a lot and i was frustrated but we had 10 investigators in church and new record yay and emily put in her papers and YAYAYAYAYAY

pretty sunset

I LOVE MY ZONE!!!! we have the most pilas zone ever right now

pretty bird

went to the beach!
me and the APs

hermanita velasquez :D

sand castle!!
it was really bright and the pic didnt really work ahaha

handstands on the beeeach

my bestest friend elder camey
hermana WOOOODS!!! :D

stuffed taxi rides

(Elder Hatch is holding the door shut hahaha)
Miguel (a member) and I with PUPPIESSSS!! they're only 4 days old!!!

M WENT TO CHURCH!! look at all the ¨no¨ and FINALLY SI!!!

zone pic at the beach°°° (missing the zone leaders because one had dengue)

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