Sunday, November 2, 2014

31s Conference

From October 6th

General Conference. Such love. Many Spirit. Wow. 


um but really. Wow!! My two favorite talks were by Elder Klebingat and Elder Christofferson. And how cool is it to hear the native languages of some of the Authorities!!! I cant tell you how much it meant to the people here to hear the real voices of two who chose to speak in Spanish. 

Andres went to the Priethood session of conference and we havent seen him yet to see what he thought but the men in the ward said he loved it and came in a white shirt and tie and everything!! They all went out for soda after too. And so yay he is making friends at church!!! That is always what the missionaries want. For the investigators to have stronger relationships with the members of the ward than with the missionaries. Because one day we will leave. 

Daniel is a man we have taught only two times. The second time we taught him I knew "I need to ask this man about smoking." and so yeah he said "I smoke, and I smoke about 5 cigarrettes a day." and well, we told him to stop. and we told him that Christs Atonement can help him stop. And we said hey, we are going to come back in 24 hours. can you give up smoking for 24 hours? So we came back, but he wasnt there!!! nooo!!! because then we figured he would start smoking again. The next time we saw him was Sunday when he showed up to conference. And not only had he not smoked already for 3 days, but he shaved too to go to church. Yay!! Progressing investigators!!

Last night Erica didnt attend us again, but Moises did. Please, pray that Moises can recieve his answer that he needs to get married and baptized. I know one day he will. He knows what he needs to do. 

Well I think thats it. I love General Conference. This is the true church of our Savior Jesus Christ and there IS NO OTHER. I know the Joseph Smith restored the church that Jesus established when he came to earth. And I know that today, Thomas S Monson is the prophet who holds the keys to direct the church.

I love this church and I love this work.


hermanita steele

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