Sunday, November 2, 2014

32s RAIN

From October 13th

It rains a lot. hard. with lots of thunder and lightning. it makes the power go out a lot which sucks cause then we have to go home if its dark outside cause its really dangerous. and you know, we cant see anything haha. I miss America!

This week we had 26 retentions - retentions are lessons with recent converts to the church, or someone who has been baptized who doesnt go to church. twenty six. were working so hard on getting these people back on the right track. 

I dont have a lot of time. Ill just talk about what happened a little bit. I need more patience. Andres has sort of gone missing for 4 days now and we are all worried. MOISES FINALLY WANTS TO GET MARRIED. And not in two years, RIGHT NOW. The problem is his girl doesnt want to. So were working on that. Im in Tegucigalpa right now because I had to get my residency card. Im almost an official resident of Honduras! I enjoy telling people there baptisms werent actually valid and trying to get them to see the importance of authority. I love Jesus Christ. We are teaching a really awesome couple named Ana and Nelson who want to get married and baptized. Carmen wants to get baptized on the 8th so yay. Um. What else. I love life! I love being a missionary! I love everything! woo! Im happy! I cant send pictures sorry. I dont think I took any this week anyway. CARLOS AND JUAN CARLOS CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carlos was baptized almost a year ago and hasnt gone to church in like 7 months but weve been visiting him for 2 months and HE FINALLY CAME BACK. and Juan Carlos had some pretty aweful stuff happen to him so he left the church. But we started visiting him and he is coming back too:):)}

Every day I am more thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without him, there is no purpose for life, because without taking advantage of His Atonement, we cant return to live with him. 

I love you allll 
update me on your lives
love hermanita steele

p.s. everyone and their dog has DENGUE right now and Im really scared Im gonna get it

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