Sunday, November 2, 2014

28s Happy Independencia Day

From September 15th 

woo p day! hey guess what! is independence day! do you know what that means? we cant leave the house after 6pm. sooo. i will either be sleeping or reading my scriptures. woo! ive heard way too many ambulances already today. but we are safe! yay!If I havent said this already... I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.

at the airport, dropping off hermana gutierrez :(

The Elders and I sang a real pretty rendition of Where Can I Turn for Peace at the conference with Elder Duncan, and hermana Garfield played the piano. It was AWESOME. 

My wonderful new companion hermana Moran from El Salvador (I get a new comp this wednesday) is getting a little frustrated with me because I am what missionaries call ¨fletch¨, which basically means obedient to all the rules. you know, like were supposed to. its okay that shes frustrated. hehe. I love being a missionary. in Honduras. in Choluteca. ELDER DUNCAN. Wow. what power. i dont have much time to explain a lot of what he said. but he is certainly called of God. he talked a lot about how what we were doing yesterday and in the past is fine, but now? its not good enough. we have to do things differently. we MUST do things differently. and so we are. shorter lessons, talking to more people, touching hearts and changing lives. I cant wait to hit this with full force on Thursday after I get my comp and I dont have to work in two areas. sharing two areas is really hard. its a lot of space. lots of walking and time lost. but we are making the most of it!!

I will share an experience here that I sent to a friend:
we were in my comps area yesterday teaching a 13 year old kid who was baptized in july with her but isnt active. she was like were gonna teach dia de reposo again. okay cool. so then she went off telling him all of the things you cant do on sunday, and then she proceeded to sum up alllllllll of the other commandments he has to follow. he was not likin it, or paying attention. like, if i heard a list like that, why would i want to do it? so she finally looked at me to talk. and i looked at the kid, and im like, thats a lot of commandments, isnt it. do you know why we follow the commandments? and he said no. so i explained it to him, all the blessings and about the celestial kingdom and eternal life. and he was loving it. i was like, when do you want your blessings? hes like, now!! and i said, vaya pues. sabe que necesita hacer, verdad? and we talked a little more and then after the prayer the kid stands up all happy and points to me and says with mucho animop <¡ELLA habla inspirada!!!!> it was just really cool. a testament to me that I was following the spirit. Ill never forget that little kid :P

it was cool. we gotta follow the spirit if we are to bless anyones lives. theyre not interested in our words, they are interested in the words of God. 

my comp had a baptism and it was really special, because 15 minutes before it was to start, the government took out the power (im sorry i cant phrase that in english right). they do that every 3ish weeks, shut off the power (thaaats it) to save it. they shut it off for the whole city. its just great haha. anyway so we had a cell phone lit baptism. it was legit. 

it rains a lot, and hey! I went to the beach this morning. this is my hermit crab that one of the Elders found and I adopted. we went digging for clams and played futbol. it was relaxing. I enjoyed it this morning. 

My hermit crab

feliz dia! adiooosss

love, hermanita steele

p.s. write me!
Hermana Elizabeth Steele
Honduras Tegucigalpa Mission
Colonia Florencia Norte, Contiguo a Sears
Entre boulevar Suyapa y PriceSmart
Edificio Plaza America, 3er Piso
Apartado Postal 556 o 3539
Tegucigalpa M.D.C. HONDURAS C.A.

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