Sunday, November 2, 2014

33s The rains came down and the floods came up

From October 20th

Me and the cute little girl (no idea what her name is) who lives in our apartment complex and is always shouting ADIOS HERMANAAAAS​ every time we leave the house hahaha SHE IS SO ADORABLE

Lots of kinda weird things happened this week. 
Had some health issues... I'm just gonna leave it at that. Honduras is brutal to health man. But were good now.
A baby bird we found in a banana tree!!

And Andres disappeared... Which is really sad. He like had to leave really quickly for work so we didnt get to say bye or anything and no one knows where he is. I guess our purpose was to plant the seed and someone else will harvest the fruit. :/ 

...Storms of a lifetime too. the power goes out a lot. I love thunder! sometimes

We got water yesterday!!!! yay!! it already went away but I had a good shower this morning. yay! semi clean water!
We cooked the other night. Typical Honduran food
I also bought my first hammock. I LOVE HAMMOCKS. 

Moises is so pilas. The problem is we cant seem to get him to church. But he says he will come next week. We will see. Poco a poco. Little by little. 

And Julio doesnt want to be baptized right now. Its a little frustrating when people know everything, know the church is true, but they just want to waaaait. Hes like well, I wasnt planning on doing this in October. DECEMBER!! well I wont be here in December. Its a bummer. He will get baptized though. Just with some time. 

Our ward did a cool thing this week where we all met at the church at 6pm Thursday and Saturday and made a list of inactive people and people who didnt go to church last sunday (attendance is way down right now because there is an epidemic of dengue). Then we all split off and visited every single one. It was awesome! Some new people came to church who hadnt come in forever, some in years. Not a whole lot though and we still have lots of work to do. But I absolutely loved that idea.
Me in the mission home with Hermana Bowler, the Presidents wife. I LOVE HER

I think thats it for now. I love all of you! I hope your lives are going great and that you love every moment and cherish the wonderfulness of the United States. Because everyone here wants to go there. 

hermanita steele
Hermana Groll (my trainer) and Hermana Rodriguez , My sister training leaders

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