Sunday, November 2, 2014

34s Nervous

From October 27th
flooded streets (sometimes its up to mid calf)

Well we find out if we have changes tonight. Changes are on Wednesday. We will see what happens. Sometimes I honestly feel like Im leaving but you never really know. IM SO NERVOUS D: I DONT WANT TO LEAVE THIS AREA IT IS THE BEST PLACE EVER. 
my AWSESOME ward mission leader and his wife and daughter

​Well things are going well down here in Choluteca Honduras. We worked really hard this week and got a call from our zone leaders saying we had the best dats in the zone!! That was a really nice treat to reward our hard work. We had 28 lessons with inactive or recent converts this week and a lot of lessons with non members too. The work is goin!​ My companion is really progressing too. 
my current district. The self timer thing didnt work out as well as I hoped haha.

Good news! Our landlord is fixing our pila so we can clean it more often and better so we dont breed mosquitoes! yay! I love clean water!

I haven't been one of many words in my emails lately huh haha hmm life is good basically. Time is moving really really fast. Like really fast. I'm at our stake center writing you guys with the sister training leaders and one is Hermana Groll who was my trainer (I LOVE HERMANA GROOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL SO MUCHHHHH) and shes getting all these emails about preparing to go home in December after this next transfer. And Im just sitting here thinking, wasnt it just yesterday that I came into the mission and met you and you told me you had 9 months? what happened? 

Julio finally told us the truth that he really doesnt want to be baptized. So that was a real bummer and I am pretty sad about it, but hey. Así es la vida and theres nothin I can do! As much as I want to take away agency, I can't. And we move on. 

Ahhhh Moises and Erica <3 I love this family so much. They have progressed a million miles. They went from being like no you guys are crazy what is this Book of Mormon and rejecting living prophets to now accepting everything we say with a ¨wow really I didnt know that before¨ attitude (at least Moises does haha Erica is taking a little more time) and wanting to get married in the temple so they can be together for eternity (again, more Hermano Moises lol Erica has FINALLY OPENED UP AND SAYS SHE WILL THINK ABOUT MARRIAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS HUUUGE). I love them so much. 
Moises and Erica and their family. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.
And little David and Salin and the baby :D I forget the babys name haha. but shes so cute. I know they will get married and baptized one day, Erica just needs to wake up and get on board. and she IS waking up :)) she IS opening her mind and heart to the idea of marriage. and I know that they will be baptized with patience and love from the missionaries that will teach them after me. I am so happy to have the privilege of being the first missionary to touch their lives. I will never forget them. 
Moises and Erica and their family :)))
And when they DO get married, and after they both accept baptism, they will get married in the temple and no matter where I am, I will make a way to be there. I love them so much and I KNOW, the spirit testifies to me, that they will one day make this step. I cant explain why we kept going back after our first visits were so negative. I just knew. And just knowing that makes my entire work worth it.
crazy little girls

Ill leave it at that for today. HAVE AN AWESOME HALLOWEEN THIS FRIDAY!!!!!! :D 

love always, 
hermanita steele

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