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30s Miracles and Blessings

From September 29th

I've never been so blessed in one week on my mission. 

Andres. He is 20 years old. We were teaching one of our investigators named Karla, and Andres walks in. I was confused because I had been to her house tons of times but I had never seen him. Turns out he moved in with Karlas family because he has been an orphan all his life and needed a place to live and he was a friend of her moms boyfriend. So I invited him to listen, and he did, and he went to church on Sunday and he loved it. Ill keep you updated on him. He accepts all the stuff we tell him. Its awesome. He loves coffee though so that will be his biggest challenge haha. 

Julio. He is progressing. He is marking his scriptures and praying every night on his knees (we have the testimony of his parents!!) and going to church. 

Moises. well and his wife Erica. She isnt really progressing, but he is. We challenge him to baptism every lesson were with him, and the last time he didnt say "in two years," he said, "wait. what date did you say? the 25th of October? well theres still lots of time before then...." which wasnt a yes, but it was a heck of a lot better than the other answers hes given us. still hasnt gone to church though. a ver!

Fiama and Erik. Erik is a man who made a few mistakes in the years after he got back from his mission, and he is living with his girlfriend and his newborn daughter. We went with them last night and I gave Erik my picture of the Tegucigalpa temple to hang up so they can remember their goal to one day be an eternal family. We talked about how that is the most important thing and Eric was looking at the temple and his family and me with just the sweetest tears in his eyes. Were working on getting them married so Fiama can get baptized and Eric can be worthy to go to the temple again and then they can be sealed. I could see the sorrow in Erics eyes for the way his life has gone, but I could also see the hope. :)

Hildebrando y Mari. Okay. Time for the thing not one of the readers of this email is going to believe, but that's okay. I promise you this really happened. This couple just showed up to church. A friend who is a Mormon but goes to another ward invited them to ours because they live in our boundaries. And so they went and showed up by themselves. After sacrament meeting (they came in late and just happened to sit in front of where we were sitting with Andres) I talked to them and I was like hey there is another class, do you want to go?? and the guys like vámonos pues!! (like, yeah lets go!!). And so here is the part that you wont believe. During the class for invesitgators and recent converts (that our Bishop teaches), we were talking about signs of the second coming. One of the signs is the restoration of the true gospel of Christ, which you and I know has already happened. But Hildebrando and Mari have never heard anything about it at all. So Bishop gave a short summary of the restoration, talking about how Christs church fell and Joseph Smith restored it after God and Jesus appeared to him in the first vision. So I was thinking, I wonder what this couple is thinking right now. Bishop mentioned something about some people not believing that Joseph Smith saw God. And so then this happened:

Hildebrando raises his hand. "Can I ask a question??"
Bishop: "Of course!!!"
Hildebrando: "So, some people dont believe that this prophet saw God?"
Bishop: "Yeah, thats correct."
Hildebrando: "Well, then they dont believe that MOSES saw God. Then they dont believe that the other prophets in the Bible saw God!! Joseph Smith was a prophet, of COURSE he saw God!!!"

Im not lying I promise. I was stunned. Bishop was stunned. My ward mission leader. Everyone. It just made so much sense to this man. At the end of church I was talking to Mari and shes like "yeah we went to this evangelical church last night and I hated it, and the Jehovas Witnesses have been visiting us and we dont like them either, they told me I dont have a soul, but here? We like it here. Were gonna keep coming to this church. Were staying here." I cant wait to have our first appointment with them on Wednesday. 

Those are just a few of my blessings this week. Another one was while we were waiting for the bus to go to district meeting, an elementary school was getting out. And so what happened? All the kids stopped to hug us on their way home. It was so cute. The challenge is, with almost all of our investigators... they want to be baptized, but they wont commit to a date. Its frustrating, but were movin forward and workin hard.



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