Sunday, November 30, 2014

38s Chikungunya: se cayó hermanita steele

From November 24th


 so theres been an epidemic of dengue and chikunguya for like a little over a month (both diseases are pretty similar and spread by mosquitoes) so Ive been Offin' it up (using Off, you know the mosquito repellant) LIKE CRAZY to not get sick. Literally there was not one person I knew who hadn't been sick, besides me. Most of the missionaries too had already fallen (ill) but are almost recovered. 

But on Wednesday I was like hey why do my wrists and feet hurt? It must be my carpal tunnel and I got new shoes sooo.. 

And on Thursday, what my feet are a little worse what is this nonsense. 

and on Friday WOW alrighty then I need to get some different shoes it feels like knives in my feet but not important I am singing at multi zone conference today let's GO 

then after conference on friday ummmmm I can hardly walk.

 And then a few hours later BOOOOM covered in red spots. Feet swollen. Fever. Can't walk. Cant move. Go home lay in bed. Can't move or walk until yesterday afternoon. 

Everything hurts. 

im sooooooooo siiickkk booooooooooooooooooooooooooaweihtlaiweurha but its okay im getting better


 I'm still on bed rest for this week too.  IT SUCKS no being able to WORK!!!! That's the only thing I want to do and I can't. Even if I tried I wouldn't be able to. It was bad enough just taking a taxi to the stake center to write this morning. 

To top it all off my white blood cells plummeted and so now I have a lovely throat infection, I think it's strep, so Im going to the doctor later today (happy p day to me and the APs) to get some antibiotics. 

Hey I didn't even go to church yesterday. The zone leaders and the assistants to president (APs) brought me and my companion the sacrament which was awesome but a little embarrassing cause the last time I had showered was definitely Friday morning. But I showered today!!!!! I was finally able to haha. Im getting better don't worry. It was just a miserable few days lemme tell you.

Zone Conference, right before the virus hit!!

ON THE BRIGHT SIIIDE -N- IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Havent had a baptism in forrrever. But -N- is awesome. He's this 20 year old guy that we found because he moved in with his uncle who has been visiting with missionaries for like 2 years and loves the church and has a testimony but he just needs to get divorced so he can marry -A- and then they can get baptized. But anyway -N-moved in in the middle of October and we started teaching him on the 21st and he's already getting baptized either this saturday or the next. he is so pilas. We taught him the word of wisdom (health code the LDS church has) and he quit smoking just like that. We taught him the law of chastity and he legit just broke up with his girlfriend, just like that. And yeah he's awesome.

I feel sort of awful so Im going to lay on the floor now here in the family history room haha but I will be better soon don't worry. Just with time and patience. We're watching a movie as a zone today so that should be fun too. 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! please pray for me Im sort of suffering haha

love, hermanita steele

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