Sunday, December 21, 2014

39s Recovering

From December 1st

Im better!! No really believe me haha. After that wild ride of a week and a half in my house doing nothing Im okay now! The dengue or chikunguya or whatever I had is all gone. (well, not really; she overdid it... see updates) Just takes rest and lots of sleep. I know I'm better because I was physically able to wait until 10:30 pm last night to go to sleep (I couldn't before and I was sleeping like half the days already) and I ACTUALLY GOT UP AT 6:30. it has been literally impossible and I"ve been getting up at like 7:30 and 8. But now Im better and I FINALLY HAVE PERMISSION TO WORK!!!!!!!! WOOOo!!!! To work tonight :D PILAS HOMBRE 

I have been sort of not following instructions exactly though haha <N> lives real close to our house so we've been going to visit him at night (President said that the most obedient misionaries are the most disobedient when it comes to our health hahaha its true). 

Just a few days when i already was feeling better. Well... he sort of screwed up. But its okay he's back on his feet. He sort of broke the word of wisdom. Once. The night of his baptismal interview. SOoooo. He didn't get interviewed. He has to wait 2 weeks until his baptism. The problem is I wont be here in 2 weeks (most likely) because changes are on the 10th. And thats the 2 week mark. the 10th. SERIOUSLY. gahhaweiuaew Im so frustrated. I HAVE TO BE HERE FOR HIS BAPTISM. The zone leaders say that if they interview him and he's super pilas and the receive revelation from on high, he can get baptized on Tuesday the night before changes. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. hes so pilas!! He's reading the book of mormon and yesterday at church he was like (so funny) hermana steele. I was reading about the 3 witnesses. like ones name is Martin or something. who exactly are they? why haven't you explained them to me? and stuff like that hahahaha it was hilarious. gah. I pray I can be here for his baptism.

bahahaha thanksgiving. the other hermanas in the ward came over (i was on bedrest still) and we ordered pizza.



hermanita steele

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