Monday, February 2, 2015

46s Life

From January 19th...

So we havent been having a ton of success with investigators, but we have with inactives!!!

Last Sunday we did divisions with the Laurels in our ward. On divisions a few days before I had found a joven who looked bored and was drawing in the sand and so we talked to him and I felt the Spirit SOOO STRONG in those moments and I knew we had to look for him. So Sunday we go to look for him. Hes sleeping and his mom runs us out of the house. But who do we find? Who is his neighbor? Sara. Sara R. and her son David S. We meet Sara and find out she is a member, was baptized many years ago and hasnt been to church in years. We talk to her about enduring to the end to get eternal life. She says the closing prayer, thanking God for the incredible coincidence of finding her and she thanks Him for sending the hermanas to her house again, and starts crying. A few days later we go back and invite her son, David 27 years old, to meet with us. He went through seminary and everything but went inactive for years too. We take out their like 9 Books of Mormons and wipe the dust off of them together. David calls his also inactive girlfriend so we would talk to her and invite her to go to church with them on Sunday. We go back a few days later and share a wonderful message about repentance and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And Sunday, we didnt have investigators in church, and we were really sad about something that had happened over the weekend too with a few missionaries. We were just really sad. And then after sacrament the doors open and in comes Sara, David, and his girlfriend too. I just got up and hugged them and started crying. Even the Bishop had a face of shock. Heavenly Father loves us. And then one of our investigators showed up too. It was a wonderful experience.

I love you all!!!!!
hermanita steele

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