Sunday, July 26, 2015

Almost a ward

From June 22

almost a ward

This week I have things to write about. 
Tuesday night I got a call from the sister training leaders in Esperanza saying were going to do divisions
(when they change companions for a day) the next day, and that I was going to Esperanza!! Yay!! So I went. Of ALL the dozens of divisions Ive done... Those were definitely my favorite. It was so great to see the people I love. We went to visit the Familia H.    I. was so happy to see me, she was baptized with me in April. Her parents had gotten married and the husband C was all ready to be baptized on Saturday, but his wife.. Not so much. Even when we got to the house she was saying she wasnt prepared. But.. After a really powerful lesson and the closing prayer on our knees, we left the house, everyone crying, and the both of them were baptized together on Saturday. YESSSSS. The ward mission leader from Esperanza called me to thank me. The hermanas over there had been struggling with A(the wife) and hes like, you just got here and boom she accepts her baptism date! Im sure it was a beautiful baptism. 

I got home from divisions on Thursday. Thursday was a normal day. The rest of the week was not...

Friday we had interviews as a zone with President Bowler. I always love interviews. That day I learned that Heavenly Father is really really merciful even if we dont deserve it hahahaha. Ill just leave it at that for now ;) The APs were teaching their lesson and the new AP this change, Elder Thompson, made us a promise that if we have 6 investigators progressing AND with a baptismal date and 3 in church every week we will have 2 baptisms in July. And my mind was like.... okay thats nice Elder Thompson okay mmhm yep. Sure. Ive had those dats a bunch of times and still no one gets baptized. But then I was like... President Bowler has called him to be assistant and tell us this. President Bowler was called to be President by the 12 and the first presidency... sooo... God has called Elder Thompson to make us this promise. SO. I have A LOT of faith in this promise. This week we had 7 progressing that also have a baptismal date and 7 in church. Were on the right track. I;m excited to have some baptisms. 

And really I have seen a huge difference since that meeting. We have found 11 new investigators the past 3 days. E, Iv, and O are the most positive. E (36 years) has already read up to 1 Nephi chapter 21. in TWO days. Iv (25 years) is getting baptized the 4th of July, she goes to institute with all the YSA, and she already has been to church 3 times. AND shes our neighbor! :p O (16) has a date for the 11th, she was a reference from Iv. Thats how you know if you have a REAL investigator. If they give you references. 

On Sunday Elder Ocampo of the 70 visited our branch to tell us and motivate us to work hard to be a ward. We are almost there!! My old bishop of Esperanza was released and now he is part of the stake so he had to come to the meeting, and he brought his whole family to see me :) 
Obispo Pozo and his family

This keyboard is horrible and it makes me hands hurt so thats all Im gonna write today :P


love, hna steele 


this is a cool lizard I saw in front of our house today :D

F. and I :) my convert from Esperanza

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