Sunday, July 26, 2015


from June 15


The power was out ALL day yesterday, from the time we woke up until 8:56 at night. We worked until it got dark at about 6 and we went to out branch Presidents house to eat hot dogs cooked on the fire :) Then he took us home in his car, its a little frustrating going home early on the mission but we cant work in darkness. The few stars we could see (it was cloudy) were really pretty because there was no light for as far as I could see. 
So one day, we go and visit hno Gv. Gv is the uncle of one of the returned missionaries here. He has been inactive for a really long time. We visit him.... and he comes to church on Sunday! we visit him again.. and he came to church this sunday too! In a white shirt and tie and everything. We are hoping he continues being active. 
Fun fact, it is sooo hard to speak English... Like I can speak it, but not well. My words get all mixed up. 
I have so much love for the people here in Valle de Angeles. I feel as if I have spent my whole mission preparing to come here. When I first got here, we saw lots of immediate blessings and I was so happy. Since then, things have gotten harder, as they always do. Sometimes people we think who are golden and progressing, stop progressing. Sometimes people dont understand the Restored Gospel and dont feel the Spirit even when He is present. Sometimes things dont go as planned. But we continue working, just trusting in the Lord. Most of the time I feel as if I havent seen the success I want to in the mission, and I try to remember that our success as missionaries isnt measured in ¨how many people we baptize,¨ but in our personal efforts, work, obedience, and conversion. I was called to preach the restored gospel and that is what I will do, its the only thing I can do. I just have to trust in my Heavenly Father and be obedient and work hard and be dilligent, and everything will happen according to His plan and I will return home a successful missionary. 
Alma 26:27.
I love you all, until next week,Hermana Steele

lo siento, I didnt take pictures this week. 

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