Sunday, July 26, 2015

Here comes the rain

From June 8

here comes the rain

It has begun... Rainy season! Rain rain rain every day for most of the day. But thats okay, at least its not hot. But my feet are wet and theres lots of mud! Sometimes the storms are really bad and we have to go to a members house or we will probably get struck by lightning or drown haha. I love my area it is sooo beautiful.
We had some cool new investigators this week! yay, we hadnt been getting a lot because I have been so sick, but Im okay now :) man before the mission I neeeever got sick...
M is still progressing :) She slept in on Sunday so she didnt make it to church... But she is praying really hard to know if what we are teaching is true. She has changed a lot and commited this week to keep the Word of Wisdom and stop drinking coffee. Her oldest daughter is 12 and is really awesome too, she always reads what we leave but not just once, TWICE so she can understand the chapters really well :D I love this family so much. And they were a reference from a recently returned missionary. Give references!

me and the horse of the G. family.
 This family is so awesome, I got to the area and our first day we visited them. They were totally inactive. And now they come to church almost every sunday and the husband recieved a calling on Sunday :)) its a family of 4, the parents and the two sons who are like 9 and 12 I think. He is an ex missionary who got caught up in working on sundays, but he has fixed everything so he and his family can go and keep progressing :)

my beautiful area​

aaand of course, some pictures of the rain :p

more of my area

my comp and I

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