Sunday, July 26, 2015


From June 1st

We had a really good lesson with the neighbor and friend of our branch President, J. J. He is really looking for the truth. He told us there is a big empty spot in his heart that he is trying to fill, and we told him that our message, centered in the true gospel of Jesus Christ, will fill it. He has a problem, he works for the _____embassy as a bodyguard. So, he almost never has time. But another job has come up that he might take and we are praying he will take it. It will require sacrifice but he will have more time for his family and he can go to church too. Pray for him! 
Hna Jimenez and I are really excited to work together. She is a great missionary and we are going to do great things here. 
I love you all! hna steele

Ella es mi compañera!!!

some art in tegucigalpa

okay, hna morales and I were comps right, and here are the missionaries we trained, and these last changes past and hna morales went home, and our trainees are now companions!

last day of my comp hna morales!!!

HNA AGUIÑADA!!!! :):) she is the sister of one of my best friends who already ended his mission, she just got here on wednesday


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