Monday, June 1, 2015

Adiós Hermana Morales

From May 25th

Im killing my first missionary!
haha  (that's what they say when their comp goes home)
My comp goes home on Wednesday. Its been a great transfer and I am really thankful for Hermana Morales. I have learned a lot from her and I love her so much. I am also really excited and nervous for transfers on Wednesday, whooooo will be my companion. New adventure. Im hoping for a nueva.
This week... almost nothing happened. Why?.... Because someone is sick. And it isnt my companion haha. But dont worry its just parasites. JUST KIDDING. I dont know what it is still hahaha Im waiting for the test results. But Im okay I promise. Its just... my stomach... mom can you send me a new one please, honduras ruined it
Miriam committed to baptism this week!!! AHH!! She is a reference from Nicolas, a member who got home from his mission when we got here to Valle. She is a mom of 3, divorced, 34 years old, owns a beauty salon. She is wonderful. She has been to lots of churches, but she feels something else in ours. I am hoping she continues progressing along with her children (8,9,and12 years old). Poco a poco her testimony of the Book of Mormon is growing. 

pic2062 is us and one of our investigators, Daniela the other picture.......... my comp took..

this is hermana steele in district meeting while she is sick.. hna zaleta is next to me, I love her, she is from mexico and currently has parasites. hahaha weve been hanging out together in my house a lot while our comps go on divisions. sick buddies for lyfe.


haha, hna morales your old! 18months!!

wait whats this no stop nooooo

nooo it cant beeeee sad hna steele

como le digo... las viejas  D: que rápido se va el tiempo en la misión

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