Monday, June 1, 2015

I'm in the mountains!

From April 27th

My area is huge. Im in the mountains! I love it. Im still totally lost though. Good thing my companion (who is the best comp ever) has a good sense of direction. Because HAH I just walk around confused sometimes. Just a bunch of trails...
Well ran out of time hehe. but. I love you all. I am seeing so many blessings and miracles. This is the area I have been waiting for my entire mission. The Lord is blessing us so much. We have a couple who are getting married this saturday and 4 people with baptism dates for the 9th of may and one for the 15th. And we are opening area! The Lord is just throwing blessings at us.
I am so happy. 
I love you all, hermanita steele

exploring an old mining site

coolest butterfly EVER that just landed on my bag hiking today

my comp and I!! the hiking picture is from today! we hiked to the waterfalls. they're in OUR area hehe

zone conf with elder ochoa from the presidency of the 70. thats my zone! zona Valle de Angeles

pictures first of VALLE DE ANGELES....
0537 ' bye hermana rodriguez :(

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