Monday, June 1, 2015

Hating my zone ;) (she's kidding but that is her title so I have to write it!)

From April 6th

why do I hate my zone? because they accidentally erased ALL MY PICTURES. OVER ONE THOUSAND PICTURES. .......but my old compañera Hermana Castellanos is a computer geek so she says she might be able to get them back...If not, I will kill all of the elders. Family, be expecting me at home soon........So that was the drama of conference weekend. Im still super mad but hey what can you do. Ill just take more pictures and not a single other soul will EVER TOUCH MY CAMERA AGAIN.So thats my excuse for not sending pictures this week. But hey maybe next week. 

This week was alright, it was a difficult week for everyone in the mission because its Semana Santa, or like Easter Week where supposedly people are celebrating Christ all week by not having school or work and going to the beach and leaving us without people to teach. But thats okay. 
Happy Easter! :D 
Monday - what happened on Monday.... Time is just going by so fast...
Tuesday - We had divisions and I went to Santa Lucia - THE MOUNTAINS! Woo I love Santa Lucia its so pretty. It reminds me of Oregon. Id send you the pictures I took BUT THE ELDERS DELETED MY PICTURES. 
Wednesday - Got home from Santa Lucia and went to a fun noche de hogar with some jovenes from the ward, taught Ingrid who has a baptismal date for THIS SATURDAY WOO.
Thursday - district meeting, and I went in divisions to an area called La Joya with a really cool hermana from Mexico. Found out that Ingrid left town when she originally wasnt going to, dangit.
Friday - got home from divisions, two jovens in our ward called us wanting to go out with us so we took advantage of that and went on divisions, it was fun. 
Saturday - CONFERENCEEEEEEEEEE. Really inspiring messages. Listening to the MoTab made me sooo baggy for singing. I want to sing in choir again. I had to watch conference in Spanish which I was super bummed about but I understood everything so its okay. I just really wanted to hear their voices... Walked into my converts house and she was watching priesthood session with her sons and I SAW THE BYU CHOIRS AHHH MY CHOIR. Then the Zone Leaders call at 8pm telling me to go to the supermarket and buy bread and cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches for the zone. Um okay I can do that. 
Sunday - CONFERENCEEEEE. Loved it. PRESIDENT BLUNK GOT CALLED TO BE A 70 THATS CRAZY AWESOME. I made grilled cheese sandwiches for the zone. There were pictures but they dont exist anymore........... aaaand Ingrid got back home! yay! She right now is a little hesitant about getting baptized on Saturday. She knows this is the true church and she knows she wants to get baptized but she isnt sure about when. But we know she will get her answer that she has been praying for. 

It was kinda a weird week. It went by really fast. In a week and a half I will be leaving Esperanza. Thats a kinda weird thought. 
I loved conference, President Uchtdorfs talk was my favorite. It was so beautiful and I took like 3 times as many notes as all the others. Also amazing to hear 3 temples announced, that was unexpected.
spiritual thoughtSomething I learned awhile ago but was brought to my memory again this week is how God answers our prayers. There are three ways - He says YesHe says NoHe waits. 
What does He wait for? He waits for US TO ACT.  Ingrid right now is waiting for an answer about her baptism this Saturday. I explained this to her because it is something I am very familiar with. When I was praying to decide to go on a mission, I didnt recieve an answer, so I just decided to go. I got my spiritual confirmation when I opened my call. But what would have happened if I had just waited and not done anything? I would never have gotten here. So we are still planning on Saturday for her baptism. We are going to have a total of 5 baptisms in the ward with her on Saturday. It had really been a blessins having the Assistants (APs) in our ward this transfer. The 4 other baptisms that are happening on Saturday are all people I found with my companions. Its really cool to know that I started that process with them and that with the area divide, the Elders finished my work. 
So, my friends and family, if you have been praying for an answer and have not recieved an answer still, what do you think God is waiting for you to do? Are you acting and showing your faith? What more can you do to recieve an answer?
I love this work, every moment, and I am learning every day. I loved thinking about my Savior even more on this Easter Sunday. I am so thankful for Him. Because of Him, because He lives, we are NOT LOST AND FALLEN. 
I love you all too!!byeee have a good week
hermanita steele

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