Monday, June 1, 2015

Another week

From May 11th

Well I talked to my fam yesterday sooo just heres the pics and a little more :)on Saturday Ernesto and Ingris are getting married and baptized! News from my old area Esperanza - Ingrids parents are GETTING MARRIED AND BAPTIZED!!!

I have a bunch of time today because my companion is working on her final report... She goes home in 2 weeks. Time flies so fast. Here are some pictures :) I loved skyping with my family yesterday. It was even more special saying hi to my SISTER who is serving in Bolivia and has 5 days there now :P 

heres emily 

and my comp

the famous Valle de Angeles Pugs

this was me harvesting a vegetable called pataste in my backyard

we have the best P days in my zone because my backyard has a place to cook! last monday we cooked as a zone. it was delicious. and this is Elder Sosa and the vegetable pataste

Elder smith and hermana velasquez cooking and elder gunnel keeping the fire alive

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