Monday, June 1, 2015

My life...

From May 18th

Well, tomorrow I have 3 months left in this country. Its kinda really weird to think about. My companion goes home to Nicaragua in 9 days. Also weird to think about. Shes a little emotional. ha. haha. ahhh Time has flown so fast and so many things have changed. 
This week was awesome. Besides being real sick on thursday. Man I ate something that did NOT agree with me. I havent been that sick (not counting the chikunguya) my whole mission. But Im okay now it was just one night and one full day sleeping haha.
But anyway this was the semana de la familia. Family week! There were activities in the church EVERY night this week, ending with a mini fair on Saturday. we had SEVENTEEN investigators come to the fair!! Nine in church the next day. I wish it was that easy to get them to come to church haha. But it was fun, we even had corndogs :) And fireworks! and facepaint! And cotton candy! 
We had more problems with Ernesto and Ingrids papers, and so unfortunately they werent able to get married on saturday. Right now were shooting for the 6th of June. 
Here are some pics
960 a really pretty picture I took last night. I love the way the sun hits the mountain in the distance. Its a lot better in person :) I love my area.959 Some members from Esperanza suprised me and came to visit :) we were only with them about 20 minutes because we had to go to an appointment but it was really nice to see them.

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