Monday, June 1, 2015

The perfect special assignment

From April 20th

My transfers are always so dramatic haha. Once again President called me in for an interview before the transfers meeting. But after the short interview he promised me he wont do it again haha :P

So the interview... President tells me he has something special for me. A companion who is ending her mission in six weeks to work to the bone, and an area to open. Not just any area. VALLE DE ANGELES! Its a branch, but a really stong one. This week we has an attendance of 85. So he tells me Im his Go-to Girl and that they need me there. This area has not had sister missionaries for 9+ years. But the elders that have been here the past months have not done what they should, and the area has been suffering. And so they put me in. 

I am here with Hermana Morales from Nicaragua. Its so great having a companion that I already knew, this is my first time. And like I said, she goes home in 5 weeks now. BUT. Shes not baggy (trunky), because we have wayyy too much to do. 

Valle de Angeles is HUGE. Im literally in the mountains. Im hiking every day, not joking. This is the area of my DREAMS. It reminds me so much of Oregon. It is so beautiful. Im still a little lost but we will get there :p

The members of the church here are SO excited to work. They are throwing references at us. There are tons of returned missionaries too. One got here when we did! This branch is going to grow SO much.

Weve spent the last few days getting to know the area. We had 8 investigators in church on Sunday. It was awesome. Ive never seen so many prepared people to recieve this gospel. 

Like I said, this is my dream area. The work here is going to explode. Ive never had so much fun doing missionary work until today. Its so fun. For goodness sakes Im HIKING every day. :D
Thats all for today :p 

hermanita steele

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