Tuesday, March 31, 2015

49: I love Viki

From February 9th...

Sorry, took lots of pictures today but there on the Elder's cameras because I don't have one and my companion didn't plan ahead and her memory was full and then the camera died anyway haha so when the Elders send them to me I will send them to all of you :))

Okay my mom asked me a bunch of questions so Ill answer them here in my letter. 

"What are two foods you miss the most from the United States?" Ummmm like..... my father's cooking. Basically sums it up. Real good bbq. Ribs. Stuff like that. Good lunch meat and cheese.... BREAD...... Like all the store bought products you can basically get here... OH MY GOSH THE ICE CREAM!! The Ice cream here is just NOT the same.......

"What are some things you missed most about living in the United States that you appreciate now that you didn't before?"
I miss the people who pick up their trash and their dogs poop. I miss that kinda life. Also my bathroom is the tiniest thing Ive ever seen.

"Is your Spanish as good as mine ha ha :-) just kidding that's not really a question. I know your Spanish is good"
My Spanish is good sometimes haha sometimes I can hardly speak and words slip out in English and I dont know why....

"Share one crazy thing that happened this week. Could be with an animal or drunk people or just Honduran stuff."
I saw Jesus. (see below, haha)Umm Viki's neighbor has a dog that is possessed by the devil so every time we leave the house we have to run really far because the dog doesn't do anything while were there but when we leave it follows us trying to kill us Im not even joking a little bit, I wish I was.

"Share something spiritual that happened this week!"
Just like, everything that happens with Viki. I love her. 

"What did you do as sister training leader this week? What is it like helping other sisters?"
We had divisions this week with some hermanas that are having issues in their companionships... That was fun... haha the both times I was with the problem companion and had to help them get their head on straight. It's weird helping the other sisters, like sometimes I don't know what to do honestly. Its hard. But I think I help... haha :p

"Do you have any joint pain or flareups still (from Chikungunya)? Or are you all good? 
Yes I still hurt every day! Yay! haha... But there's nothing I can do. I take 2-4 ibuprofens a day, depending on the day. One (sometimes 2) in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one at night before I go to bed. That one is really important because if I don't take it I feel awful in the morning. But I can work so I'm fine.

So this week! We went to PICACHO FINALLYYYYY! Picacho is Honduras' Christ statue. We went this morning and got back at like 330. It was so fun. Super high up in the forest and you could see lots of Tegucigalpa and Comayaguela from up hiiiiigh. I saw squirrels! :D MY FAVORITE PARTTTT 

My zone leader Elder Hughes also loves camping and stuff like that so WHAT DID WE DO... we roasted hot dogs and made smores over a fire. It was SOOO AWESOME. The smores were my idea :D:D Man. I loved it. It was so peaceful and relaxing up there. 

I love Viki. The sad thing is she wasn't able to go to church this week but that's a long story that I'll tell another day. She is super pilas. THIS WEEK SHE ASKED US FOR A LIST OF ALL THE COMMANDMENTS SHE HAS TO FOLLOW. What? Who does that? Man usually people don't want to know anything because they don't want to be responsible for keeping them. But man. She is awesome. Ive never met a person more prepared to receive this gospel. And more willing to change. 
Gotta gooooo love you all! Ill send pics when I can!
love, hermanita steeleeeeeeee

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