Tuesday, March 31, 2015

52: Pictures are worth more than my words. ha

From March 2

Well my comp and I are a little frustrated with our investigators and we are strugglin to find new ones who are positive that will progress. Man we just need some REAL investigators. We do have some that are progressing but not how they need to be. But all on the Lords time. 
We may no have a lot of success right now as far as baptisms go, but we know the true measure of success is not the number of people in the water. There are so many different things that count success. I know that I am a successful missionary. There are a loooot of things I have to improve, but I know that I try my hardest to do what I am called to do.
We have had a lot of members who have been less or inactive come back to church, including Lourdes and Jesus and their family. That one makes me the happiest because they were baptized with me in May :) the bishop is going to give them callings and everything. I am so excited.
I dont have a lot to talk about... just livin the mission life and working hard.... ahhh we will find out about transfers today...... I really don't want to leave but I know that President wont leave me here any longer haha 5 transfers here... spread out but still :p I have enjoyed every moment. Ill never love an area like I love it here. Aaaaand no one wants me to leave either haha. But I know that wherever I go is where they need me.
thank you family for the package!!! I loved it!!! ahhh those Charleston Chews... so good....... and my camera!! thank you so much!!!
problem is with the camera is that the pictures it takes are SOOO AWESOME that they are too big to send normally haha so I will make them smaller to send to youuu :p ......
no i give up theyre taking too long to upload so this is the only picture you get byyyye
<3 hermanita steele

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