Tuesday, March 31, 2015

54:Let's do this a little differently

From March 16th

Let's do this a little differently today....

Monday: Went on divisions with members in the ward and had a total of 7 lessons on a monday!! :D it was such a blessing.

Tuesday: Went on divisions with the area called 21 de Octubre with Hermana Morales from Nicaragua who is about to end her mission. I served with her in the South and so it was fun to work with her and learn from her :) Met a Returned Missionary who hasn't gone to church in years and his wife of 17 years and their cute baby who looks like a chino. Taught them, invited them to church. Felipe and Amy. Met the zone goal to find a new family to teach before Thursday!

Wednesday: Ended divisions and set some baptismal dates with my comp (Hna Garcia) with our most positive investigators. They already fell but that's okay.

Thursday: District meeting. All the Elders showed up late, figures. The APs call in the night to tell me that BERTA ACCEPTED A BAPTISMAL DATE FOR THE 11TH OF APRIL AHHHHHHHH

Friday: 4 lessons before lunch. :D Started divisions with an area called Girasoles. I went to Girasoles to be with Hna Aldama from Mexico. It was interesting because she was sick. So I spent a lot of time studying Preach My Gospel haha..........

Saturday: Spent the morning in divisions helping the hermana find new investigators in a rich neighborhood. Ended divisions, my comp (hna Garcia) tells me that our investigators mom yelled at us to never come back. Awesome! Taught Felipe and Amy about prophets and why they're important. Invited them to church.

Sunday: Call everyone to wake them up. No one answers like usual haha. Go to church. Manuel comes! An eternal investigator. Walter gave an awesome talk in church. BOOM FELIPE AND AMY WALK IN. Yes. So happy. They stayed for all 3 hours too. (p.s. theyre already MARRIED :D) Everyone was so happy to see Felipe. Also a family that Hna Castellanos and I found that we had to hand over to the Elders when the area was divided came to church!! all of them!! it was so awesome!! Good things are happening. Dinner in the night with the Martinez family like usual :) Fell out of my chair laughing during daily planning session in the night time with hna Garcia. hehehehe. :D
Thats all. This week we are going on divisions to VALLE DE ANGELES wooo. Its colder over there than here in Teguc. Its gettin pretty hot. But Im thankful Im not in the South right now :P
Love you all have a good week! Write me a letter!hermanita steele

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