Tuesday, March 31, 2015

48: Another week in the mission

from February 2nd... 

-F-- and -S---are progressing well. I will keep you updated on them! -F-- talked to his mom so we have permission to teach him now! But we will see if she gives him permission to get baptized when the time comes. Wait what am I saying! Of course she will. TENEMOS FE hahaha. (we have faith)
My lider misional (ward mission leader) is SO pilas! He is the most pilas in the mission and so he has to give a presentation junto con mi obispo (bishop) to President Bowler and ELDER DUNCAN AND ELDER OCAMPOS, the presidency of the area. how crazy is that!! Hes nervous but we know he will do great. He is suuuch a big help to us and we are super grateful.
--V---!!!!! Wow. she is 21. pilas. We found her last monday night. she is incredible. She couldn't go to church this week because she already had a commitment but she was like why didn't you guys find me BEFORE I made the commitment?? it's your fault! hahaha she is so great. I have NEVER felt the Spirit so strongly like in the lessons we have with her. And we get along super well. I've been weird about teaching women my age in the mission because I feel weird and I feel like they're judging me haha. But not with -V--!! She is so awesome and I love her so much. We are SOO excited to see her progress.

My companion is awesome and I love her. She is so fun! She turns one year in the mission this week and I turn one year in a few weeks.... how insane is that?? The time flies sooo fast here. In the beginning it was super slow. But now were like what day is it we cant even keep track. 
I love you all! Sorry no pictures... but I dont have a camera. 
love, hermana steele

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